Sgt. Special Agent Richard S. Eaton Jr. Scholarship and $1000 assistance

A disheartening fact some intellectually endowed students often encounter is what seemingly a dead end in their career pursuit. Financial constraint almost always is the major reason for stagnation in one’s chosen field of interest. To further advance in their scholastic studies, many students find it hard to look for sponsors that would help them shoulder their finances.

Certain degree programs have been too highly classified that the idea of financial assistance is near far-fetched. One field of study only our servicemen are quite familiar with, is that of counterintelligence. Information held by this specialized field required utmost secrecy for the safety of an entire nation.

Having to pursue this specialized degree program, it is both a financial and manpower challenge. Students pursuing scholastic endeavours particularly on counterintelligence, alliance building, cultural building, and national studies are now offered with $1000 s under the Sgt. Special Agent Richard S. Eaton Jr. Scholarship.

The namesake whom the scholarship was named after was a casualty of the US war in Iraq. As a United States Army Counterintelligence special agent, Sgt. Eaton, Jr. was also awarded a Bronze star for his participation in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

The Lint Center for National Security Studies, Inc. recognized the efforts and contributions of Sgt. Eaton, Jr. in the counterintelligence agency, thus the said scholarship was a commemoration of his exemplary service.

The $1000 is given annually and is non renewable. Two lucky recipients get to receive this award. Aside from the financial help, they get to be personally mentored by a counterintelligence agent or someone from the national security profession sponsored by the The Lint Center for National Security Studies, Inc. ( )

Application deadline is every end of January and July. Applications are accessible through the Lint Center website. In addition, a 600- 800 word essay is required tackling on one of the goals or concepts of the Lint Center, especially the ones that is related to counterintelligence, national security, and national defense. A consent must accompany the essay stating whether or not the applicant would like to have his essay published in the center’s website. A personal essay is required as well so as to elaborately explain why he/she should be the rightful recipient of the scholarship. A GPA of at least 2.0 must accompany the application.

Two awards are offered annually. To be eligible, the applicant has to be a US citizen or a permanent resident. He must be currently enrolled as either an undergraduate or a graduate student at the time the application was submitted. The chances of being one of the two lucky recipient is increased when the field of study is about alliance building, counterintelligence, cultural understanding, and/or national security.

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  1. i want study but i dont have money .. my father is past away my mother house wife some perblm i need ..please help me

  2. I live in Cuba, I am a medicine student already cursing my 4th year, I will like to continue study in a country where a could learn more but I dont have money, please help me if you can

  3. Just completed my bachelor\’s degree in public health, I would wish to further my studies, a scholarship will be a Dream come true.

  4. I live in Rwanda, I am medical imaging science student in level one. I will supposed to be in level two but due to problems of money I will not continue because I lost my parents who helped me, now After I heard this scholarship please if it is possible, you help me for my dreams become true

  5. My nsme is Tith Tek. I have eraned some degrees, such as, Bachelor of Teaching English as a second language, Master of Rural Development and Project Management. I really want to further my education in some courses relevant to my background. If there is any course relates to my study background, please accept me as scholarship receiver.
    I believe something scholarshio positive will happen to me.
    With regards

  6. Im Ngonidzashe Shumba from Zimbabwe i finished my A level last year and i was hoping if i cud get a scholarship and go further with my studies.I wish if u cud help

  7. After Seeing This Scholarship I Would Like To Attend My Undergraduate In Economics Faculty If You Have It, Please Lend A Hand To Me Because I Don\’t Have Money For University But I Have Passion Of Studying And Of Helping Others If I Could Have The Opportunity.

  8. My name is Suleman Adam and i am from Eritrea living in sudan as refugee . please i need an scholarship to study in aboard please .

    i am waiting your reply thanks.

  9. i am Suleman Adam from Eritrea but living in sudan as refugee and i need your scholarship to go further in my education please .

    i am waiting your reply thanks.

  10. I am a Ugandan looking for a scholarship to either study from abroad or in my country. Any assistance offered will be highly appreciated.

  11. Julius Alicwamu is my name, am a contemporary motivated and committed to work visionary Ugandan youth, am a community social work specialist willing to positively impact communities for better sustainable livelihoods through acquiring more knowledge and skills possible for solving dynamic socioeconomic, cultural and political contemporary development challenges.
    my premise for this quest for education scholarship is to enhance knowledge and skills base that will be translated into providing tangible solutions for transforming and improving the welfare of the most vulnerable and poverty stricken households in our country Uganda.

  12. Hello sir.
    I\’m looking for a free scholarship and I don\’t have any budget to pay .I hope have chance to take the free scholarship.

  13. Hi me Ahmed Hussain Bhutto From Pakistan Sindh i need bechlor degree programm in llb plz give me chance for free schlorship

  14. Please I am searching for a good and affordable scholarship. I am 18 and it\’s my last year in my secondary school

  15. Hello sir,Iam Shelef Ochieng Bala, a Kenyan citizen currently in fourth year doing horticultural science but need schorlarship to further the studies..

  16. Hello
    I\’m Cindy,from Ghana.I\’m 16 years old,I\’ve already completed high school.Please,I\’m in need of a scholarship to study abroad.I would love to offer nursing as a course if I\’m given this scholarship.Thankyou.

  17. aw awet from Ethiopia ,i have BSc in pharmacy in mekelle university . And i want to study in pharmaceutical sciences like pharmacology, pharmaco-epidemology, pharmacognosy, pharmaceutics, medicinal chemistry, and clinical am working in mekelle university college of health sciences, mekelle university as assistant lecturer . i want to learn abroad with scholarship.

  18. Just completed my bachelor\\’s degreein Midwifery,I would wish to further my studies, a scholarship will be a Dream come true.

  19. As we all know the only way that we request scholarship is lack of financial and i include that people. I request master for agriculture science.

  20. I\’m self supported and need an assistance to college plz I\’m asking your kind organization to assist me,I need this because I sent myself to school after being miss treaded from guardians who did not sent me to school, through your organization I think I can accomplished my dreams and be a better person in societies so do others that are applying. Thanks for your assistance.

  21. May God interve and get helped. I see need such assistance to realise my goals.

    Am from kenya hoping to joining a campus for journalism bt i dont have such support.

  22. Am a kenyan of peasant civilian who cant afford paying fee at all, i want to do Bachelor Degree in Procurement and Logistics to help me bring honesty in my country that is full of corruption coming mainly through that area of procurement

  23. Am Dzemmie Karyuky from Kenya just finished my A level looking forward to study abroad though its expensive please help

  24. Mu name is Nomsa Munyonga and I live in Zimbabwe,i am kindly asking for a schorlarship to study medicine in the year 2020.Your kind gesture will be greatly appreciated.

  25. Hi,this is Sara Gezahegn from Ethiopia,i have a degree on space science(physics),but i would like to continue study about space science more briefly.I want to ask, if there is a chance to study aboard I i hope you will give me a full free scholarship to finish my masters degree.
    sincerely Sara

  26. Congrats for the scholarships you\’re offering to international students. Hopes one day I\’ll be considered to continue with my undergraduate degree (Journalism)-+254702949229

  27. Good day sir my name is SAIDU ADAMU from Nigeria I am an orphan I have no nobody and I want study vet medicine I want this scholarship please help me

  28. Slam. Iam in pakistan.i have master digree in arabic literature and languistics. I want to study in qatar ,kowait, or miser. But i have no money. Plz give me scholarship.i will be very thankful to you.

  29. My name is Humphrey currently a bachelor student studying clinical medicine, i would be great-full if i get the opportunity to be one of the beneficiaries of the offer-per say, i\’m in financial crisis in relation to fee payment to further my studies whatsoever.

  30. Hello,my name is Amadou I am from Mali,PhD student in Project management at FUNIBER.
    I really need a financial aid to continue my studies.
    Waiting to hear from you.

  31. I so wish to get this chance,i just finished my matric 2017,i want to do Education course,Teaching is my desire and i want to teach English internationally…i hope my cries could be heard thank you.

  32. Hi! thank you for information, but i saw that the eligible candidate must be american? how can i benefiting from it? am i eligible to apply?

  33. i have finished my senior 6 certificate i hope to continue undergraduate
    in your organization but the problem i have is financial plan
    can you help me.

    thank you

  34. Hi, I\’m faith from Nigeria, a 300level student, studying political science.
    I wish to further with my masters, so I\’m making preparations ahead of time.
    My parents won\’t be able to help me further with my masters Cus we are not financially okay, I need a scholarship that will help me achieve that.

  35. hey am joel niyoyita i want to continue my study but the problem is financial to help me to pay fees i need scholarship to help me to study . thank you am waiting your response.

  36. for a long time i was wishing to join the scholarship to learn abroad even now i am trying the best to get this chance and also i hope that i am the one of the candidates for the the year 2019,my request is to give the chance , i can not mention my problem because it is meaning less so help me as you help others,
    from A.A Ethiopia yours cordial Melkamu Nemesha
    educational background Diploma in Animal Health Degree in Agricultural extension

  37. Good nows .my name is hunegnew andualem from ethiopia,your replay say you are the winner but i was not gate this chance steal now,as i explaines befor a weak, i was the one un able to continue my eduacation due financial problem,so sir if i gate the opportunity of this free schoolar ship,i will be happy my povert will be solved ,so please help me sir kindly as you can as possible.ok thanks for replies.

  38. my name is abebaw akanaw minaye from ethiopia,your replay say you are the winner but i was not gate this chance steal now,as i explaines befor a weak, i was the one un able to continue my eduacation agricultural field and mannutration ,so sir if i gate the opportunity of this free schoolar ship,i will be happy my povert will be solved ,so please help me sir kindly as you can as possible.ok thanks for replies.

  39. my name is mesfin melese w/tsadik from Ethiopia,your replay say you are the winner but i was not gate this chance steal now,as i explains before a weak, i was the one UN able to continue my education economic and business fields ,so sir if i gate the opportunity of this free scholar ship,i will be happy my poverty will be solved ,so please help me sir kindly as you can as possible. thank you so much in advance for helping me.

  40. i completed my advanced level and I did well in maths, physics and chemistry in November 2018 .am looking to be enrolled undergraduate degree in electrical /chemical engineering but I do not have the funds.

  41. Hello, iam Gift Fedson coming from Malawi and iam looking for scholarship and an assistance from a well wisher who can assist me to go back to school to do business administration. So please assist me in accordance so that iwill be back in class as soon as possible.

  42. Hello an Hassanatu from sierraleone 🇸🇱 I need a scholarship to for my education, I really need a help from you people I will really be greatful for that opportunity. Please🙏 I want to to progress in life to become a woman of great success.

  43. My name is Ernest Tamba, I\’m a Liberian. Please I really need this scholarship to further my education… Please please 🙏🙏

  44. Please i have done my bachelor at AIU _FLORIDA but i just need help on fees payment so that i can take my diplima .the amount is 4400 dollars.could you help me?

  45. i am shambel wondalem , am a contemporary motivated and committed to work i am from ethiopai am a community social work specialist willing to positively impact communities for better sustainable livelihoods through acquiring more knowledge and skills possible for solving dynamic socioeconomic, cultural and political contemporary development challenges.
    my premise for this quest for education scholarship is to enhance knowledge and skills base that will be translated into providing tangible solutions for transforming and improving the welfare of

  46. I\’m a third year student at Nehema institute of science and technology . Tourism management
    I\’ve no fee my family is unable to pay, I\’ve been trying get employed so as I pay my school fee but house construction is hard for me . kindly please adhere to my request

  47. I am a freshman student from Colegio de Calumpit (Philippines) taking up a Bachelor\’s degree in Education. I have to work every night to fund my education and it is really hard. Hoping for your good response. Thank you.

  48. I am former university of Nairobi graduate where I took bachelor art political science and public administration and tourism management I would wish to start masters degree in one of the courses I took from uon am born in family of 12 children my father has no job my mom too has no job I was lucky in my family that I got helb loan that I used to pay my fees and after finishing the degree I have not gotten any job that can sustain me all the other kids are looking at me to provide something for them. Please am in need of a full funded scholarship to enable me to have masters degree .

  49. Dear Sir/Madam
    I would like to study further and pursue my dream of being a lawyer but I can\’t do that because I\’m struggling financialy

  50. I am poor and I want to study abroad , please help me , I want to complete my dreams , but without money I can\’t complete my dreams , please help me

  51. Iam post graduate in associate degree in retail management,however I need a scholarship to putsude my studies in financial management

  52. I\’m a graduate of Medical Biochemistry (BSc). I need a full scholarship to further my studies.
    Can I gain a full financial grant/scholarship?

  53. I am from Vanuatu.I am seeking for assistance to complete my degree program in primary education financially.

  54. Hi……Am Sammy by Name
    Am from Nigeria….. And I had completed my high school…….Wanna move further my studies in the undergraduate level….. But I lack Finances……. So I wanted appylying for the Scholarship……. Hope u saw the message and I await your positive responses…… Thank You

  55. As my names below iam a solider in the armed forces of Uganda and i have always admired to advance my studies on security matters. so please can you lend me a hand?

  56. Hi………I\’m Sulemana, a second year student of University of Ghana. Please I will be glad to get a financial assistance from you to pursue my master\’s degree abroad. I want to study International Relations.

  57. Hi am iwinosa airhuoyo am a Nigerian I really need a scholarship I dropped out of the university because I was not able to pay my fees I really need this scholarship to enable me achieve my goals

  58. My name is zaryab anwar from pakistan.i had done my mba from University of sargodha.and got married also.but due to some problems i wish to get a scholarship and want to move from here for better future independently…

  59. I am Veryson ,I live in Zimbabwe and i want to have a degree in Economics but I don\’t money ,help me

  60. Hello,
    I\’m Norrison Sonnie and I\’m from Liberia. I have a desire of studying in the US but the criteria set for one to be qualify for the scholarship is that candidate must be a US citizen or a permanent resident, and must be enrolled at a university before applying.
    With this criteria, I\’m neither a US citizen nor a permanent resident. How can I be qualify and accepted for this scholarship? I currently live in Liberia.

  61. Hello! I will be the must happiest man on earth today if I Am granted the opportunity to study abroad. I have suffered enough though out my life, I have so many financial recurrent crisis I struggled everyday on small jobs with low income earning, I hardly can\’t Bear it anymore, my dream and passion is to go to school and get a profitable job, my goals and desire is to be a part of history when I become successful I hope and pray to give the future generation the same opportunity to study anywhere without giving out money, my number desire is to Create an environment where learning and societal values And community togetherness, hope, peace is restored, I Am from Nigeria, I don\’t want to create any negative motion but life and education in Nigeria is very poor and very unfair truly, I do hope and pray you will help me secure a scholarship in abroad any time soon and available, my greatest desire is to go to school and to make my dear mother proud, she has suffered enough for me I guess it is time for me to make myself and her proud. Thanks have a nice day .

  62. Good day..Sir/Ma .I\’m luke odigie I\’m interested in the scholarship program I\’m having financial difficulties I\’m a Nigeria. …through with High school. ..

  63. Hello sir.
    I\’m levinta Onyango , a Kenyan citizen just completed my diploma course in mass communication and journalism and has the passion to further my studies though I find it difficult due to inadequate financial support.
    I am a partial orphan with big dreams but I find it hard to continue with my studies.
    I believe with some little support I could go further

  64. My name is Anuwar Mohammed and graduate from Univeristy of Gonder,in ethiopia. I have attended my BSc Degree program in information Technology during my stay in Gonder from the best I can, I am quite ready to share the knowledge.,your replay say you are the winner but i was not gate this chance steal now,as i explaines alraedy, i have financial problem,so sir if i gate the opportunity of this free schoolar ship,i will be happy my povert will be solved ,so please help me sir kindly as you can as possible.ok thanks for replies.

  65. I am a Ghanaian and please I need scholarship to continue my
    BSc.chemistry program.level 200 student.
    Please help me.

  66. i really need this scholarship to enable me a chieve my dream i have been wishing to a chieve my dream for so many years i will be grateful if given the opportunity thank you

  67. Pls i need ur help to study abroad
    I can pay even $1000 dollar for the scholer ship if possible because here in my country nigeria degree is something worst to get, therefore pls i need ur help

  68. Hello i appreciate your performance with help students to study abroad,please need your help with scholarship to study bachelor degree in comfos of the university for public health now i have diploma with hope my application will be consider ameen thanks all.

  69. I want some help from you to study my further studies because I have only my mother who is tired of working as her age is not working now… So please grant me a scholarship to study my degree..

  70. Greetings
    I finished my matric last year 2018 and I need this scholarship hence it will provide me an opportunity to earn education in return make me a productive candidate in my community and country as a whole. I believe one can become what they wish to become as long as he/she is committed in their work henceforth this makes it all possible. This scholarship will enable me to achieve my long-term goals in career fields .
    Thank you.

  71. My name is melkamu tadesse from Ethiopia.i have BA degree by health service management .so i have interest to study masters program please support me!!

  72. My name is Valerie,I live in Cameroon,I love this trade so much,is amazing, please I need some financial help,if you help me with, I will be so grateful for your help ,and please help me to understand the trade very well, I love it, thanks for your understanding, nice day?

  73. Hello I\’m Janvier from Rwanda I would like to meet my dreams
    and destiny whether possible.nothing i have even if much money but confidence to achieve. I don\’t know how can i ask u\’r help but i would like to work hard to give values of u\’r support

  74. Hello,
    I am Okech Tommy , a Ugandan citizen i completed my diploma course in Agriculture in one the government school in Uganda in 2017 and has the passion to further my studies but, I find it difficult to continue with it due to limited financial support. And i see potential in you that you can help me achieve my goals and my career.
    I will be so much grateful if you put my request into your considerations.

  75. Hi my name is Jared okeno am in need of scholarship to further my education. Am from Kenya and I have done my undergraduate studies at Kenyatta university please. I will really appreciate if considered please

  76. I want to become a doctor but I don\’t have money my father is a worker I need your help I belong to Pakistan

  77. My name is Ashebir Abebe. I am from Ethiopia. I have Bsc. in Agricultural Economics and I want to pursue my Msc. degree in the field of business and economics, but financially I am not able to continue my studies. So please do me a favor and give me an opportunity to have this chance by which I can help my self and my country.

    With regards

  78. I\’m ready to study in physics in your university
    I wish I can solve the problem.around Bermuda triangles
    thank you

  79. Am a Cameroonian I stop schooling after my advanced level because of our financial status and my mum is a single parent things are really tough

  80. Hello Hi .
    I hope You well be fine.
    I want to say that i am Poor student and i can\’t pay my fee of my furthere education.

  81. I\’m from Nigeria an economics student. My parent cant afford Monet to pay for my school fee and I really need help to further more. Please if you can help me with the scorelship, I will be very grateful and thankful.

  82. I want you to please offer me fully funded scholarships so that I can do my undergraduate studies at the Sydney university in Australia.Thank you for the offer.

  83. I want to study information communication technology(ICT) but I don\’t have money I\’m in sierra Leone please help me

  84. am abdikadir ahmed from kenya i did diploma in dental therapy through community assistance because i come from a family 10 of which am first born. i wish to do bachelor dental surgery but due to financial constrain i am unable to further my studies kindly consider me in your kindness .thanks waiting for your positive responce

  85. Hello i am morongoa from south Africa .here i am asking for a space of applying this course.i am not working an i will make sure that i will study hard to achieve my dream

  86. My name is Earth i live in Liberia with by parents,i\’m a freshman student at the African Methodist University i want to become a doctor in this case i want to forward my studies in an area that is advance.

  87. I live in Liberia I\’m a electrical engineering student I\’m highly interested in the scholarship and I need it please.

  88. So i\’m happy for this application but i don\’t have maney for supporting me becouse of my poor families that i was caming on so that i wish you all blessing from god

  89. I live at rwanda
    So i\’m happy for this application but i don\’t have maney for supporting me becouse of my poor families that i was caming on so that i wish you all blessing from god

  90. Hello…I am a malawian young man studying bachelor of biomedical sciences in 3rd year but my dream is to study bachelor of medicine bachelor of surgery and become a medical doctor and i want to be one of doctors who like their job. I am passionate of this call of become a medical doctor because i put the life of human being whether a poor and rich under the deepdown of my heart. My capacity has been already demostrated into various government hospital laboratories where the university sends me for practice in my country. If i can be considered with this scholarship opportunity to study abroad, i would prefer to study in Zambia, my best preferable country seconded by Nigeria or Ghana. There is no problem to publish my email especially to people who might wish to help me so that my dream should come true because what all i need is someone to train me other than to be given money. I believe this: \

  91. hi i really do need this scholarship , my father left me when i was six and my mom is just a tudent now she\’s not even orking please i want to realise my dream and become an engineer in the uk or canada or even the usa help please

  92. My father was passed away and i am able to continue my studies . Eventhough i scored good in my 10 and 12 th and in my 1 st year college.kinfly pls help me to continue my studies

  93. am justice from malawi am 22 currently i withdrew from university due to lack of financial support please help me sponser my education.would be glad if my request is considered God bless you

  94. Am Sandrine ,from Rwanda pls help i need to continue my study in undergraduated level in computer engineering help me I lack financial support to continue studying

  95. I\’m from India, Hyderabad
    I really need scholarship for my studies.
    Please help me. I will be thankful.

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