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Poverty has remained the main culprit that hinders a person to pursue a degree. Huge efforts to address it have been developed by governments around the globe, one of which is education. A huge number of aspiring students, who want to get a degree, usually come from the least fortunate countries. Despite having exceptionally intelligent individuals, poor countries could offer but fewer opportunities for these young talents, thereby rendering them less useful.

The Commonwealth of Nations or known simply as The Commonwealth is one of those great agents of change by offering distance learning opportunities especially to its member states and some exceptions. The Commonwealth is comprised of 53 members, most of which have been part of the British Empire colony.  Having shared the same history, language, culture and values has made the member parties well-knit despite not legally obliged to one another.

In an effort to uplift the educational morale of its members, The Commonwealth in partnership with some of its UK universities has offered part-time Master’s degree by distance learning. Online course tuition fees and other online compulsory costs in the UK are covered. Least developed countries (LDCs) and lower to middle income ones are the target population of this scholarship grant.

Conditions apply for the scholarship applicants. Students who were granted refugee status by an eligible Commonwealth country may also apply. Permanent residents of a developing Commonwealth country are also eligible to take part in the grant.

Classes usually start in September and the participating UK universities and their online programs offered varied on a yearly basis. Having received funding from UK Department for International Development (DFID) (https://www.gov.uk/government/organisations/department-for-international-development) it aims to motivate intellectually qualified students to pursue a degree through distance learning program to gain knowledge and skills for sustainable development. Such offer is granted to those unable to shoulder the costs of being physically present in a class setting due to great financial constraint. Under six themes, this grant encompasses: a.)Science and technology for development; b.) Strengthening health systems and capacity; c.) Promoting global prosperity; d.) Strengthening global peace, security and governance e.) Strengthening resilience and response to crises; and f.) Access, inclusion and opportunity.

Such bold move can be likened to a saying of teaching a man how to fish rather than giving him a fish. Every eligible country offers a wide variety of online degree programs that will be shouldered by the Commonwealth Scholarship Committee (CSC) (http://cscuk.dfid.gov.uk/apply/distance-learning/)

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  1. It is true that less developed countries do not have opportunity to study abroad and it would be very useful to me if I’m given the opportunity to study abroad since I have good grades

  2. I wish to go abroad to further my education inorder to be a good leader and an entrepreneur for the development of my Country \

  3. Zinder le 07 Octobre 2018
    J\’ai l\’honneur de solliciter au près de vôtre haute bienveillance l\’innscription de mon nom sur la liste des candidats selectionnés pou l\’obtention de bourse d\’étude dans votre pays au titre de l\’anneé accademique 2018-2019.
    Veuillez agreer Monsieur le Directeur de bourse international l\’expression de mes salutations les plus distingueés.
    SAADOU GONDA Halirou.

  4. Je n’ai aucun moyen d’aller de l’avant depuis que j’ai terminé mes études secondaires. Je souhaiterais pouvoir profiter de cette occasion.

  5. i dont have much to say im so desperate and i cant even explain the feeling . i need a scholarship to further my sound engineering studies at fulsail university or irp institute the USA . I want to represent my country and improve our standards of our media production as a whole . we still have much to do . we lack seriousness and professionalism in our country . to personally contact me this is my whatsapp number or calls +263785605880

  6. Am really glad to see this scholarship because am really useless on the street, my willing is to study electric engineer

  7. For me i have no way to go and study abroad to continue with my Education since i come from a poor family in africa since i completed my secondary Education.so i shall be very happy if i get this scholarship to go and study abroad.

  8. Am ruth am coming from kenya i finished my secondary education 2016.my wish is to continue with my studies but due to poor background i am coming from i can\’t continue with studies.my mum she is sick psychological sickness my dad he is unwealthy. My wish is to study on how to operate plant operaters.its my hope that u will help mie

  9. i thank the uk dfid for the opportunity, however my interests is finding funding that can enable me push my master community social work studies here in Uganda.

  10. I finished my secondary education but since i joined university, financial issues, have made me stagnate.I wish if there is a away I can be helped to see my dream of pursuing my degree comes true, abroad, through your scholarships.Thank you.

  11. my name is Gedefaw Tegegne from Ethiopia and I have bachelor degree of psychiatry nursing or mental health profession and I want scholarship to join masters degree of mental health. my phone number is 0935625304

  12. Dear Sir/Madam,
    Am Ugandan by nationality looking for children sponsorship for my daughters aged 16 and 14 years who are in secondary schools.I kindly write to you requesting if there is an opportunity i can be assisted because i really love to see them achieve a goal and purpose in life.
    Thank you.

  13. I am needy person from North Uganda. I hold grade iii certificate in primary education. i would like to be in the sponorship so that i studies agricultural science at diploma level. therefore i kindly request any well wisher/ donsors to assist me . thank may God Bless You All. My Contact:+256772961517

  14. Hello,thanks once more , for this honorable opportunity , i even lack words to thank you but one thing am sure of is God is in control . While waiting for your kind reply i remain yours faithful and humble applicant . United we send, divided we fall .

  15. This is amazing…I hold a degree in Agriculture Economics from LUANAR Malawi…Any assistance with the scholarships will be greatly appreciated..

  16. I Am inteested very much in these scholarships especially in medical fields. Am Rwandan and would like to get one to support my education which seems very difficult to finance by my own

  17. I am Qadeer ahmed i want to become dr but there is some problem about my college fees and othet activities i want need money plz help me

  18. Am Owusu Jeffery from Ghana currently studying Civil Engineering.Am in my second year with good grades but due to the fanacial status of my single parent(father) I think I cannot finish the school.This scholarship Will be helpful if I get it

  19. Hello,

    I\’m Collins Masiga from Kenya. I\’m requesting if I could have the opportunity of being privileged with this scholarship so that I can further my studies. I want to do masters in history of economics and i\’m also fascinated by culture. Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Warm regards,

  20. Takudzwa KASEKE is my full name,am an opharn I managed to finish my high school&willing to pursue my higher education(degree..) but in my case I don\’t have funds to fulfill my dreams.Please help me if possible(+5016291679)

  21. hi!!
    it\’s 2 years i finished high school degree then if i get opportunity to study abroad would be very good for me to improve knowledge in order to developp my country. My dream is to impact to world by helping others through what i learnt.

  22. In fact LDCs are not able to develop their citizen talent really based on resources that\’s not enough me also I faced by those difficulties but I got hight grade since you allowed me studying on your scholarship would be favor for me and even I am seeking them

  23. my name is Edward oyergiwu from Uganda am really so interested in being part of this life changing opportunity with you. i want to further my studies . want to do a degree in early child hood development teacher education because of the great passion i have for children you support will do me the best thanks

  24. My name is Lillian i would appreciate if i can be considered for funding so that i pursue Masters in Business Administration.
    I am from Botswana Southern Africa.

  25. My Name is Mohammad qasem shadman and i want to get mystery in public health or other medical site.I dont know that you have some offers in this field.

  26. I\’m Ikran Osman Bille my nation is Somali and I live in Kenya study and work I need this scholarship if I get a chance to that\’s my luck

  27. Thank you for this information.
    You may send more information to enable interested Applicants apply: such as When the next Application Circle will commence and, eligibility qualifications/ conditions.

  28. I would really appreciate an opportunity to further my studies with one of your prestigious universities.In particular obtaining a masters degree in international relations.

  29. I am willing to study abroad and I want to do Computer Science but I don\’t have sponsorship.. I will be very grateful if my request will be accepted and my contact is +260978662023

  30. L\’obtention de cette bourse me fera vraiment plaisir. Je sollicite votre aide pour l\’avoir. Merci. J\’espère ça

  31. Nice to have this opportunity to continue my study abroad. Eritrea nationality from sudan since from 2012.I have completed 12 plus one there in Eritrea in 2007.I want to study computer science if you offer me this scholarship garnts.thanks more nice to hear from you soon.

  32. Here in my hometown life seems hopeless, education is the only thing that can help people. I am willing to give up anything just to qualify for your offer this. Am passing through hard times in my life just to raise money for my studies. please help me. Thank you.

  33. Hi Please I need help with the processes. Please help.
    I really want this scholarship to pursue my degree in journalism. Thank you.
    Much love 💕

  34. Hi,
    Please help me further study abroad for Diploma to Master Leadership/management/Business Management


  35. thats true what is destroying people is that they love doing sometgings but they do not have exposure but if they are given opportunity they can change the world they can move mountains help us help everyone willing

  36. i always imagine a bout this scholarship of course it is a dream but some day it will come true..
    i pray lack to be on my side i really need this scholarship please give me a chance thank you

  37. Bonjour,
    Étant musulman Comorien, bachelier d’un Bac C scientifique. Je suis passionné d\’approfondir mes études de première année sur la Génie pétrolier ou l’ingénierie du pétrole et du Gaz dans votre prestigieuse université. Dans notre pays, nous n’avons pas les moyens d’enseigner ces genres d’études, alors qu’on a besoin des professionnels pour l’exploitation de notre pétrole. Sur ce, j’ai choisie vos établissements par sa qualité d\’enseignement ainsi votre pays répond au bon encadrement des étudiants francophones, ma fonction nécessite d\’un pays doté de toutes les infrastructures possibles ayant tout les atouts tenant compte de leur importance dans le monde du pétrole. Elle est un pays par lequel partage beaucoup de valeurs avec les Comores.
    En effet mon choix avec cette formation est relatif à un intérêt particulier qu\’elle revêt en moi à savoir la possibilité de déboucher sur le marché d\’emploi. J\’aimerai grâce à ce métier servir mon pays dans l\’enseignement et recherche.
    Séduit par votre programme d\’enseignement que je pense, qu’elle est en adéquation avec mes attentes, je souhaite ainsi rejoindre une de vos universités en vous proposant ma rigoureux, mon dynamisme et ma détermination. Dans l\’attente d\’une suite favorable de votre part, je vous prie de croire madame, monsieur à l\’assurance de mes salutations les plus respectueuses. Merci

  38. HI there I am from Ethiopia i need fully funded scholarship please I need your help.Send me full application information.

  39. i need scholar ship in veterinary medicine specialization mean (msc) in epidemiology….. i need your help

  40. My name is mbabonabaseka hategekimana omar.I\’m a Rwandan I study in s4pcm .I am intelligent no problem if you help me to sponsor me . I will thank you. I begg you help me. I am waiting for your response

  41. Hi dear sir / madam
    thanks from you dear I want increase my knowledge so please help me to get a free scholarship thanks again.

  42. I want to get a scholarship abroad but I can\’t afford it. I would be very grateful if I get a fully funded scholarship for masters in social sciences such as sociology or political science.

  43. I really need this scholarship given that am from a developing country and we need more of such opportunity to assist us with our education.

    I left quite a lot of messages but receive nothing…

  44. I stopped in primary level and I have no way forward, if only I get the opportunity to get a scholarship I will be the happiest,

    Thank you

  45. I hold an advanced diploma in psychiatric mental health nursing and need to advance to a bachelors degree to curb the adolescents\’ immoral behaviours and drug abuse tendencies through art.

    Botho, +267 76834944

  46. It\’s a great privileged to have this life time opportunity but im quite confused on how to apply for this opportunities for me ,but I would really need to get this opportunity for the best of myself and my future dreams.

  47. I can express how i felt just because i saw this we will keep no applying until we can get it. Please help us to study abroad not noline thanks

  48. Indeed i have noted the message in the post, but the problem is that i don\’t know what to do next as to acquire this.Please help

  49. Sir,

    Please offer me a full scholarship to study in GENEVA for postgraduate diploma to masters in leadership and management and human resources management.
    Have offer at the EU Business school but no finance to attend, for fees, living costs and travel expenses and visa.


  50. I\’m Timothy Balakai I will glad if given this unique opportunity
    I want to study Environmental Engineering

  51. My name Daniel s wreyou i/\’m a Liberian since my high school degree not in school . Hoping to study abroad .

  52. My name is Emmanuel colley from Ghana working in Nigeria as a POS terminal engineer,I will be very glad if this opportunity
    is given to me.and promise to do all my best.

  53. Hiiiii…my name is titilia and I\’m doing foundation science in university of South Pacific at laucala campus suva city in fiji.i want to study abroad feeling interested in scholarships.

  54. My name is jacobson please I would like to study abroad to further my education I have good grades can\’t continue to further my education because of money please I will be grateful it my scholarship request is granted.

  55. i\’m kondwani kamanula, a malawian young boy and i have finished my secondary school studies last year so due to the financial crisis, i have nothing to do and even no where to go but its my wish to persue my studies at tertialy level so if it is possible wuold you please help me in any means so that i can help my fellow needy students after being helped to fulfill my dreams and here is my contact number:+265881080290

  56. Please help me. i am really in need of a scholarship abroad for an undergraduate course to further my studies because i am just enrolling form high school.
    Thanks for the opportunity to express myself.
    I will appreciate it if i actually get the scholarship
    Thank you.

  57. I am so glad to see there is such an opportunity. I am so interested to apply and use this opportunity.
    Can you please assist me to apply and use this opprtunity?

  58. Aminu Ahmad Yahya is my name and want to be part of your grant scholarship so that I can have my Master degree in agricultural engineering.Please I really need your assistance.I am Nigerian,live in Nigeria.Thank you!!

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