Patrick M. Hughes, Lieutenant General, U.S. Army, Retired Inspiration Scholarship ($500)

With everything around us skyrocketing, no wonder a lot of students give up their pursuits for college degree, or even associate degree. Despite the discontent of attaining only secondary level, others have resigned to the reality that some dreams will remain dreams.

Being in the military, offers a lot of opportunities especially financial-wise. Despite the doom lurking ahead, young men and women have chosen to serve their country to ensure a peaceful future of the next generation to come. Others paid the cost of national security with their lives, while others lived to tell the lessons they learned after they finish mission after mission.

Bravery seems to be innate to some, long imbedded in their blood, and destined to come out and inspire others.

Lint Center being a non-profit organization that offers a wide variety of scholarships to students undertaking post graduate degrees on international relations, counterintelligence, national security, and cross-cultural alliances. Depending on the specific pursuit of the student, the center would cover a specified cost whichever scholarship grant a student qualifies. The lives of the namesakes of their scholarship grants are inspirational to those in pursuit of graduate degrees after their careers in international relations or national security.

The life of Ret. Lt. Gen. Patrick M. Hughes of the US Army has been inspirational that the Lint Center for National Security Studies, Inc. have decided to offer a $500 scholarship grant to deserving students.

As a well-decorated serviceman, his life has been inspirational that he was able to publish books regarding his ordeals and even success. In return, his life being packed with inspiration and contributions to the Defense Intelligence Agency of the United States army, the scholarship support of $500 is given by the Lint Center as an inspiration scholarship.

With the promise of financial stability to the families of the soldiers, this token of support while they are still on their way to their goal is already a huge help to those who rely in their leap of faith.

Like most Lint Center scholarship, the usual 600-800 worded essay is required from the aspiring applicant that would describe one of the goals or concept of the Center. Expecting numerous applications from in and out of the country, the center aims to choose the most outstanding and deserving applicant. Nevertheless, there are more than a handful of financial supports to choose from. Additional requirements for an applicant to be shortlisted in the scholarship grants can be found in their website. Please visit for more elaborate instructions.

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  1. Hey
    Im Fatima Jumani from Pakistan. I have completed my matriculations in army public school badin . My matric percentage is 79.06 .
    I can not effort my education expenses due to some domestic issue
    Grant me aboard scholarship
    I will be very thankfull to you l

  2. Hi i am Hodan Dahir i live muqdisho can you help me plz dear iwant to go master digree and my famaliy is poor they don\’t have many plz help me

  3. I will be very much happy and work diligently to make a good use of that opportunity if you granted me the scholarship. Thanks!

  4. Hi,am Douglas from Tanzania.i have just completed high school but my parents cant afford paying my fees.i kindly need your help,please.

  5. Hi i am ahmad from uganda i have just completed high school but my parents cant affrord paying my fees i need your help please kindly

  6. I\’m Matoch Makur from South Sudan. I have seen your offer and I really want to get it because I have been experiencing financial hardship! I have a Diploma in Human Nutrition and I would like to upgrade but no one is supporting me to achieve my goals!
    Hope you will grante me abroad scholarship!

  7. Hello! I would like to infer on whether the scholarship is international or gor US citizens only!
    I’m from lebanon, Middle east. And i’m pursuing higher ed (currently enrolled in masters program) but running very low on budget as it is very expensive here in lebanon. Thankss

  8. Hii iam hari priya iam an Indian student
    iam interested but my parents can\’t afford to in abroad so please help me
    Tell me how to apply

  9. I want to further my studies in either public health or biochemistry (MSc), providing a fully funded scholarship will be immense support for me and the world as a whole

  10. Hi! am muhammed from somalia, i just finished seconary school. I really want this scholarship and be glad and work hard if i got this.

    Thank you so much

  11. Hi, am David from Nigeria, am in my second year in the university but am so scared if i could complete my studies because of the third year tuition fee, please help me by granting this scholarship to me. thank you.

  12. Hi i am abdimajid in kenya i have not finish my secondary school do to lack of expenses
    Help me please i will so great full and i will try to payback after i benifit.

  13. Hello, i am James From Sierra Leone, i really want to pursue my education but i am financial challenge, please help me with full sponsored scholarship to study public health.

  14. I am so desperate that i have been waiting for this opportunity therefore i pray for your Golden hand of belp towards financing my studies abroad, Thanks .

  15. Am a Kenyan National girl who completed her high school with a B* grade and admitted at Jomo Kenyatta University in Kenya with Bachelor of science degree in September 2017 ,but couldn\’t be able to join due to lack of fees as I hail from poor family.
    My dream to achieve my dream to study medicine degree is fruitless unless I get your help from you! Please help me. Thank You

  16. Hii….I am mahrukh from Pakistan…my matric percentage is 93.3 and fsc Percentage is 90.4 ….Mbbs is my ambition…I can\’t afford fee of private medical colleges in Pakistan….I need this scholarship….how can I get admission in abroad for mbbs

  17. Hello I am Traore Souleymane from Burkina Faso I beg you grant me this scholarship and you would contribute to the achievement of the hope of a family thank you

  18. Kindly grant me this scholarship so that I make a very good use of it. Thanks and awaiting your positive response.

  19. Hello I am INNOCENT SHUMBUSHO from Rwanda I beg you grant me this scholarship and you would contribute to the achievement of the hope of a family thank you

  20. I\’m Princess From Zimbabwe and l can\’t continue with my studies due to financial problems. Right now its been 3-4 yrs l have been trying to complete a one year certificate in economic and management sciences in the University of South Africa. Please help

  21. Hi,I\’m alphonse NIYONKURU from RWANDA i study in secand year in universty of RWANDA please i need this chance,help me

  22. Hallo am Abiola from Nigeria just completed my BA in German Language . I am interested in the Scholarship would like to do my masters abroad.

  23. Ariyo Elijah is my name from Uganda a year one student pursuing Electrical Engineering Course. I welcome this opportunity if I am considered. Thanks

  24. Hello Sir, I\’m real appreciated for kindness, many people have lots of money but they don\’t even think to support people to achieve their goals for better tmr world. Am advanced level (high school degree) I always wish to study military studies or international low. But am totally orphan and poor am in Rwanda, if you can support me plz do favor on me to study bachelor degree

  25. Am chimwemwe nchacha from malawi,ineed support to undergo a degree programme as of now am holding diploma in nursing and midwifery and diploma in abe level 4 business management.

  26. I am interested in your scholarship offer so as to further my studies.I finished my Alevel but my parents are financially unstable to pay for my tertiary education.Please help.

  27. I promise that if you grant me this scholarship i will meet your goals you demanded from me please sir i will keep to my promise if you sir can acknowledge my sir, i will keep looking to you sir till you grant my request and i am from Nigeria.


  29. I am interested in this but the thing is that am only going to start grade 10,
    and it\’s a private school .
    At the moment am not going to school
    Because we facing financial problems.
    I would like to go to school to pursue my dreams of becoming a doctor.
    Thank u

  30. Hi am Aisha
    Am only going to start grade 10 ,but because of financial problems I can\’t at the moment. I would really appreciate some support from any one, so that I can pursue my dreams of becoming a doctor. I am very interested in science n will be taking pure maths.
    Thank you.

  31. Hi, I \’m Christian from Rwanda. I really like the legency I read of Lieutenant Patrick M. Hughes, it is a good ideal of joining the US army.
    And me to I would be happy to get notified that I won for the scholarship.
    Thanks alot

  32. Hi sir,

    I\’m Clotilda Claudia Harry from Solomon Islands, grautate dual diploma in Business management/leadership management in Austrlia, serving in law enforcement for 14 years now, single mother of 3 kiids, cannot meet our education anyway, the pay is small to cater for us all.

    Still serving the Police force, I\’m been accepted to Sutdy in South Australia for degrees/MBA or in Melbourn University. My dreams to be true from a helping hands though I\’m still serving law and order in my country for my children peaceful life and country. since in an Ethnic crisis from 1999 t0 2013, country broke down and I can go back to sudy since no money. I have 3 kids, 2 girls and 1 boy, a single mother since the father of my children don\’t accept my life:s carreer in law enforcement, we separate 6 years ago, many problems faced till then with studies at higher education, Unversity

    kind regards,

    Clotilda Claudia Harry

    Please contact me on phone +6777951452 charry me on charry@rsipf. or shold I be flying over to yous over there to study be okey, I need a visa and travel assistance, would be my dream completed.

  33. Hello,, My name is Lilian Richard. I am from Tanzania, I have a Bachelor of Science in Computer engineering and I would like to study more and get my masters,Please.. Please help me.. I only live with my mother and we are poor, she can\’t afford paying the tuition fees.

  34. i am very interested to get scholarship, I have comleted my first degree university before two years still i didnot get any master degree program for the sake of finincial problem so if you asist me i am ready

  35. I am from Somaliya specially i am in Merca CITY the capital of lower shabelle region. i am very interested to get scholarship, I have completed my first degree university particularly i graduate fouculty of nursing.before two years still i didnot get any master degree program for the sake of finincial problem so if you asist me i am ready, if it is really existis this scholarship youcan connect to me 252618409440

  36. I am doing empowerment work in all the informal community of the Fiji Islands, I am serving 300,000 people living in the informal community of our nation.
    How can I apply to be part of this thay I can further my skills to serve my people better frI\’m the country that is bombarded by greed from the rich and powerful.

  37. hello dear Hughes i have come to know about the scholarship you give, am a Ugandan who wants that help to complete my studies. i strongly ask for chance for that opportunity.

  38. Greetings Mr Hughes,i learnt of your scholarships recently,i am Zambian and will turn 43 years old this year July.I am asking fora scholarship to help me pursue medicine studies any where in the world,i am currently a holder of a certificate in accountancy and business studies.I have always dreamed to be a doctor and should i be given an opportunity,i will do my best and will be ready save(work) anywhere in the world.
    Thank you

  39. Hi Mr Hughes.My name is kayanda Ndhlovu from Zimbabwe. I\’m a student at Midlands state university .I have serious fiscal challenges ,can\’t fend for my schooling. Kindly help me in anyway possible. My dream is to help the needy,however ,without tertiary profession I will be doomed to fail……..Contact :0784775872…email………….. Kindly help me….m in the verge of dropping out

  40. My name is iwinosa am in my second year in the university I had to back out from school due to the fees and I really want this scholarship all I just want is to
    go back to school

  41. Hi sir
    I am Abdiwali Abdikadir, from Somalia I have just completed high school with
    But my parents can\’t affrord paying my fees, So i need your help please


  42. Hi i m salman from pakistan swat and i need engineering bachelor scholerships now i am going to give 2nd year exam in april and then i dont have any financial support and i want to study please tell me about any scholership thanks

  43. Iam 4th year mechanical engineering student in Ethiopia .Iam more interested on this scholarship chance please select me I complete application before deadline .

  44. I\’m Clotilda Claudia Harry.
    Thanks for offer. Please direct me to have administrations done for scholaship.


  45. Yes, I am interested
    I have Master in chemistry with 3.96/4 score. I have a research background. I want to explore myself and want something big and new in the field of chemistry.

  46. Am Mary I got a certificate in
    nursing and I needed a helping hand for my diploma I got admission but can\’t meet all the tuition and requirements I don\’t know if you can fix me some where . I Will be grateful thanks

  47. I am buhari Umar ladan from Nigeria am interested to have degree on mbbs, i need your help because i don\’t have the opportunity to get it please in need your support even other courses which is related to health,my intention is to help my nation

  48. Hie, I am Brian Mkanda, a Malawian. I a bachelor of science in agronomy. My focus now is to have a masters science in agronomy. I therefore ask to grant me a full funded international scholarship to a university that has the program I want to study.

  49. Good day to you, I am Fatima, seeking for a scholarship, my aim is to continue my schooling but not enough money ,I want to study nursing science. And I will be very glad if I\’m given this opportunity

  50. Sir i am interested in your scholarship so, kindly i need your support
    i want this scholarship without any fee
    So kindly help me

  51. dear Sir! i am interested in your scholarship so, kindly i need your support
    i want this scholarship without any fee
    So kindly help me

  52. Hey I\’m Anita from Rwanda please I need your help to continue my studies bachelor\’s thank you for your faithfully

  53. Hello am Lumu Benjamin from Uganda.
    Everyone is interested in acquiring this scholarship but I personally am in utmost need because I am even not

  54. Hello am Lumu Benjamin from Uganda. Everyone is interested in acquiring this scholarship but I personally am in utmost need because I am even not schooling as for now but I am determined though that\’s why I treasure this opportunity to get back to school.

  55. Goodday! My name is Lazarus MM Yorfee,I want you please offer me scholarship to study Biology & chemistry.Further,I am dreaming of becoming a medical personnel in the near future.Thank you so much for helping me fulfilled my dream.

  56. Kindly tell me,How soon will this scholarship be available? I am awaiting your reply soon.

  57. Will you please offer me fully funded scholarship,to enable me continue my schooling.Thank you so much.

  58. I truly want you to please offer me fully funded scholarship to enable me continue my schooling,will please help me realise this dream? Thank you so much.Please have a good and Godly day.Bge.

  59. Hello, I m Girma Samuel Dep\’t of Software Eng. In beacholor Degree from Ethiopia however , I m vey much interested to continue my further learning if the will of God so that please give me this big deal through out of my life .thanks for considering my application .
    yours , Girma Samuel

  60. Hi iam Haque Nawaz dahri from pakistan i recenlty graduation completed in Bs geography univerasity of sindh so i want to futher study master program but iam poor person i can,t effort so please help me i need to scholorship thanks

  61. Barry thank you very much I need a scholarship to pursue studies in financial engineering but do not have funding

  62. I need a scholarship to complete my Bachelor\’s Degree in Recording Arts, do not have any funding left have six months left to complete.

  63. Hello am poline nyaga from Kenya
    I here by wish to request for your help by granting me a a degree scholarship in your campuses
    Any assistance accorded will highly appreciate.

  64. Hello. Am Magnus Raphael from Tanzania, i highly need your support i want to pursue MSC. Public health/ Ms. M&E but i do not have clear source of fund to accomplish my vision.

  65. Hi am Aisha idris danjuma from Nigeria I have diploma in science laboratory technology and I need this scholarship to further I will be grateful if you help me

  66. Yes I\’m interested. I\’m a Cameroonian who is interested in studying computer engineering in the US. I did it for 2 years in Cameroon but didn\’t complete it. So I will be very grateful if I\’m offered the opportunity to do it allover or continye from where I stopped. Thanks

  67. Hi am patrick from lodwar am facing hardship on financial issues to persure diploma of science in pharmaceutical science (medicine) please i need your scholarship

  68. Hi, I\’m Jeremiah from the Philippines.
    I grew up in a broken family and have been stucked in a very difficult situation. I am a consistent honor student from elementary up to the present. Graduated as the Class Valedictorian both primary and secondary years. Now, I am an upcoming freshman for college and I really need this scholarship for me to graduate. If you are reading this and give me this chance I\’ll promise that this will be the main reason of my success in the future. If you want to help me, please search me in my Facebook account and text me. @JeremiahCoderosCahilog.

    God bless and more power!

  69. I am Augustine V. Momoh, hold a first degree in Public Administration from the United Methodist University in Liberia and have the heart desire to acquire my Master degree in Human Resource Management. Would you afford me the opportunity to pursuit my studies? Hope to hear from you.

  70. I have graduated with a bachelor of degree in physics (B.Sc) from Ambo university on july 01 ,2017 . The motivation for applying tom the announced scholarship is that I believe that I expertise and personal qualities that can positively contribute to your organization effectively and can promote your organization to excel significantly . If you give this chance , I will learn MSC physics . I have a basic skill in physics and solving problems concerning industrial sites. Therefore , if I am get this great opportunity for aforementioned scholarship , I shall make a significant contributions for the best of ßyour organization .

  71. hello , what i can tell you is that i just deserve this , and if you want to know why text me privatly thank u

  72. Hello! Thanks alot for your offer. I hope, believe and trust that it\’s a genuine one (not a scam) and would therefore wish to get further directions on how to obtain and maximize this opportunity upon completion of my Bachelor\’s degree in Microbiology and Biotechnology (on 14th June 2019) from the University of Nairobi, Kenya. Kindly contact me via the email. Thanks a bunch!

  73. I\’m also apply for my daughter who is doing Eco-Tourism at vational training in Solomon Islands to study bachelor in Eco-Tourism Management and entrepurneouship with my on same Scholaship package. My daughters name is Christine Vivian Harry, age 19 years ,just complete Solomon islands year 13 (Higher Secondry School in 2018.)

    Thanks with our hearts.

    thank you.

  74. I am from Namibia and I am in grade 12. I want to pursue a career in communications and public relations next year and your kind grant to study forward will be appreciated. I am ambitious and optimistic
    Looking forward to your positive response

  75. Plz help me I need am a university student but I don\’t have funding. I am suffering in my academics because I can\’t afford books and stationary.

  76. Je suis kourouma Ansoumane étudiant en licence 1 faculté des sciences techniques et appliqués en Guinée ( Conakry) , je compte faire une haute formation dans l\’une des meilleurs universités du monde et c\’est pour ça je suis intéressé par votre offre . merci pour votre compréhension

  77. I am a university student undetaking am degree in bussiness administration but am in need for scolarship.kindly help me get one

  78. Am the College Student done N4 Financial management, can\’t continue with my studies because of, I don\’t have money to pay my fees. So am interested to on this offer…

  79. Hi I\’m Mamadou saliou Diallo from Guinea Conakry due to my political social and economical situations I really want to study abroad but I don\’t know how to post and I need financial support

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