$500 and the Lee and Byun International Relations and Cultural Awareness Scholarship

With the recent technological advancements, travelling across the borders has become the norm. With costs of flights dramatically changing to rather more affordable than centuries past, relationship with people beyond the borders have been greatly affected. Whether a consciously chosen degree program or nothing but a personal calling to improve international relations, people have taken great lengths in order to be of great use. Nevertheless, there are still countries, which such democracy-bestowed privilege to cross borders, cannot do so.

While others chose to leave their families in pursuit of career advancement in international relations through different government scholarships, others pay the full price just to study the said major for the sake of the dreamed world peace. Others have even paid the highest price one can pay- life. Whether the motive is highly political in nature, yet there are some who use college education to attain such vision of peace.

Freedom fighters come in all faces. Some use their pens as instrument of change, while others use their intellect and voice through scholarly efforts to support the idea of harmony not only internally but internationally. Efforts made by those who came beforehand have become loudly reverberating that it’s impossible not to recognize them. A form of award came into fruition the Lee and Byun International Relations and Cultural Awareness Scholarship –as a form of recognition to that exceptional individual.

A student who excelled in demonstrating his commitment to freedom, with pure enthusiasm for entrepreneurship and has a great devotion to excellence is truly deserving of this $500 financial aid. Having embodied the very core of the said scholarship this student is receives this financial support for the furtherance of his educational efforts.

Through the Lint Center for National Security Studies, Inc, any one pursuing a profession relating to international relations can apply. Eligibility is not limited to US citizens but is open for every applicant around the world. Workers under the national security agencies, counterintelligence, and even their children are very much encouraged to apply for their college education. The scholarship is granted once a year and competition based. Deadline for submission is every 31st of January each year. Furthermore, interested applicants are challenged to create a 600-800-word essay describing at least one of the goals or concepts of the Lint Center. This essay is accompanied by a declaration whether the student agrees to have his essay published in the Lint Center Publication. The said center has a strong aim of publishing unique essays and hopes to publish their scholars’ first publication.

With great hopes to encourage new leaders to strive for pursuit of freedom this scholarship and its legacy is deemed to continue for a rather more extended period. Find out more about this scholarship in this link  https://www.lintcenter.org/scholarships/#leebyun.

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  1. Hi i am interested in this scholarships and i would like whether you have a program for postgraduate in Internationale relations .

    Thank you

    Kind Regards
    Mr .Dieudonne

  2. Sir,mam I\’m an orphan but I\’m still continue my final graduation,and I want to step more forward,so please help for this scholarship.thank you

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  4. I\’m very interested in this scholarship. And any master program or scholarship that is available for foreign students. Thanks in advance.

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  6. If this is an accurate information then Iam interested in international reations or diplomacy courses

  7. hi . i am liban ali . i am from somali . i have Bd economics, i need this scholorship in international can you help me please.

  8. Hi all.
    I am very glad to hear this kind of scholarship. Please assist me to get it,so as I can reach my dreams.
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    Thanks and God bless you all.

  9. I\’ve been going through the site but couldn\’t get a help of how to apply for it..so I\’ll kindly ask for help so that I could get the chance of studying abroad. Thank you!

  10. Hi all.
    I am very glad to hear this kind of scholarship. Please assist me to get it,so as I can reach my dreams.
    My phone number +251942034361.
    Thanks and God bless you all.

  11. this is a wonderful scholarship programme and I would very much love to be enrolled and be part of it.. its a God given miracle.. thank you all so much..

  12. Am really so interested in this scholarship program on international relations is there any for undergraduates pls I want to buy in.

  13. Hi Sir, A glolden opportunity would be for me, seeking scholarship to do degrees in business and leadership/management, daughter Christina .V.Harry seeking a scholarship for her turism course offer but no money yet for fees. she is 19 years old, completed year 12 in the Slomon Islands.

    Please we like to go together in school, help with scholarship, we be very grateful to you for helping.

    I\’m a woman Police officer Clotilda Claudia Harry
    from Solomon islands. serving 14 years inservice,have 3 kids and a single mother and a working mother as well but salary cannot met our school fees , Need help to further study.

    should an offer from a Police department/army, please help us go to study, very grateful indeed.

    kind regards,

    Ms. Clotilda Claudia Harry(45yes) and daughter Christina Vivian Harry(19yrs)

  14. Hi, I\’m Joseph Abu from Ghana and I dream of studying in USA as a freshmen in bachelor in education or nursing. And I wish if you can grant me a fully scholarship to any choosing university in the states.

  15. Hi Sir,

    I accept this offer for a scholarship application. Should I be considered for this, I would be very grateful indeed. I want to study degrees and MBA obroad in Singapore, Australia or Europe since I\’m from Solomon Islands, abroad studies means dreams come true for me, to be in abroad countries to study in a diverse environment. Study psychology, Organizational Behavior(Business studies) leadership and management. and counselling.

    thank you very much

    MS. Clotilda Claudia Harry

    Thank you

    Clotilda Claudia Harry

  16. hie I\’m interested in this scholarship and I would to know if you offer scholarships for undergraduate psychology

  17. Hello
    am a form four leaver.
    from kenya\’
    due to lack of school fees I do local job.
    helping build sites.
    I still have a vision about my future.
    help me please by granting a scholarship.
    thank you.

  18. My name is Bambe Solomon.
    Thanks for the Scholarship to study music in Princeton University. I\’m an undergraduate student.

  19. I would really appreciate financial assistance by being granted this scholarship to pursue an undergraduate Bachelors degree in Law at your institution or university.

  20. I am interested in getting a Scholarship in order for me to do my Master\’s in International Relations Law. I am originally from Kenya and have studied law here in South Africa. I graduated with an LLB and would like to further my studies but with financial assistance through a Scholarship.

  21. Yes,

    Study international Relationships and cultural.

    distinction Pass on above subject at Regency Tafe, south Australia Tafe in 1994.

    offer me a scholarship to further study this course.


    Clotilda Claudia Harry
    From Solomon Islands.

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  23. hi I really need an undergraduate scholarship to pursue my education. I don\’t care where it just have to be a place of learning please hoping to hear from you soon……thanx for your effort in reading it.

  24. Please I really need this scholarship badly to enable me further my education outside
    This has been my dream ever since I grew up..please I need help to make my dream come true
    Hoping to hear from you soon

  25. I\’m interested please help me to include me onthe list of those you are going to select on scholarships.
    I did engineering in computer from ABMA education in Zambia but now I want to upgrade my paper from diploma to degree,please,please I really need your help for my further study.
    Your response will be highly appreciate.
    Moola lubinda from Zambia.

  26. Am interested but make it clear to me will want to further my studies in History and International studies

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  35. am from solomon island, attending first year degree at university of the south pacific. somehow, i need your help to put forward towards my future goals

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    My name is Tamiru Lankamo Baranga from Ethiopia and I\’m 25 years male
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    May God bless you!! Thanks

  47. Thanks so much for enrolling me
    U have really inspired me and promise to do my best and come up with good grades promise

  48. Masters degree scholarhip urgently needed in civil,water and geotechnical engineering to study in East or south Africa. i will be grateful

  49. Hello am Ambrose Mushabe from Uganda
    I kindly ask for a scholarship to do a bachelors in medicine or pharmacy
    I will be greatful

  50. Greetings,
    I \’m interested in obtaining a degree of Masters in Entrepreneurship and Project Management, can this program provide such when awarded the scholarship?

    Arnold K. Wleh – Liberia

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