International Association for Intelligence Education and Lint Center for National Security, Inc. Partner to offer $1,500 Scholarship

Getting a bachelor degree that can be used to serve the nation is one way of showing one’s patriotism as you offer your life through consistently serving the nation. Getting a college education and getting into intelligence or national security degree programs will surely get you a chance in serving your country in the ways that you have always wanted to. However, college can be expensive due to its tuition fees, books, academic requirements, and lodging needs. One option to consider is applying for scholarships which could financially aid college expenses so you can focus more on your studies and less on how to make ends meet.

If you are an intelligence personnel or worker in the United States with a bachelor degree, then the International Association for Intelligence Education (AIFE) scholarship through the Lint Center for National Security Inc. may just help you to progress in your career. These two organizations partnered up in order to help and aid professionals or students in need to encourage them in pursuing college education in their passion of serving the country in the field of intelligence and national security.

The Lint Center for National Security is a non-profit organization established in 2007 that aims to help and aid national security and intelligence workers and personnel and their children in the United States through biannually offering scholarships. This is to encourage students to follow the degree programs of national security, counterintelligence, cross-cultural studies, and global understanding. Meanwhile, the AIFE is one of the leading intelligence organizations in the country. It was established in June 2004 and since then aimed to progress and innovate the fields of intelligence studies.

The scholarship includes a financial aid of $1,500 and a mentoring service in the intelligence field. All you need to do is fill out the online scholarship form and ready different documents such as: resume, proof of acceptance or enrollment in a college or university, copies of any special academic reward, two faculty recommendations, National Security essay, Personal Essay, and Lint Center Virtual Archive for National Security contribution essay.

To know more about the scholarship, you can visit the Lint Center for National Security Inc. or follow this link, Deadline for the filing of scholarship applications is on January 2019, so make sure to prepare your documents!

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  1. Thanks , I would like to apply and get this opportunity, am a Ugandan from my form 1 I was funding my education up to University (Uganda Christian University) when I registered for dead semester first year ,I would be glad if granted this opportunity

  2. Sir! I\’ve secured admission here in Nigeria, but registration and apartment fees is my major problem.. please help me

  3. Sir/maam, since I want to go to college and get a course of bachelor in secondary education physical science major, I really hoping that I could get a scholarship to continue my study, I am really eager to finish my study and then help my family, but the hindrance is we are poor and my family cant afford my tuition fee. I hope that I can join this scholarship. Thank you

  4. I\’ll sit for baccalaureat next year, i\’ve participated in WRO 2015 and had a certification at robotisme and programming , certification at maths which are rallye toulouse and kangourou, i want to be part of this and i need a scholarship to get into, so please text me back if you\’re interested. Thanks

  5. I want to study a MBA at EU Geneva,but i havent financial.I thank that with your help my future is reality.Thank you.

  6. I am Luthando Sawuka a student at EMC Midlands TVET, college studying office administration L2. Currently I live Port Elizabeth

  7. I am Naboth Ondieki Maranga from Nairobi,Kenya a diploma holder in business management and i wouid like to persue a degree in commerce therefore i need your scholarship thank you in advance

  8. I would like to apply for a scholrship in pharmacy and im currently doing A\’level in Zimbabwe.Maths,Biology and Chemistry are the subjects and thank you in advance

  9. Iam a Ugandan currently pursuing a bachelors degree in medicine and surgery whose tuition is so overwhelming for a father of many and the only bread winner.I love it when such altruistic organisations bring an opportunity to people like us…I woulb be very very grateful if I get a scholarship….thanx alot

  10. I would like to get a masters scholarship in art and design/ architecture, I have a degree in fine art and design from Kenyatta university in Kenya.

  11. l am graduated with Bsc. degree of Computer Science with GPA of 3.82 and l want to study Computer Security in Europe. please help me to get scholarship!

  12. Hello Ma\’am/Sir.
    I am less fortunate student here in the Philippines who dream to become an Civil Engineer. I really want to help my family, I want to raise them up from poverty I need a kind hearted people who can support me financially for my study. I may not be the smartest among the applicants for this scholarship but I could say I am one of the workaholic and humble one. I hope you can help me to reach my dreams in life, this scholarship will help me to pursue my dreams not just for my self nor for my family but eventually I will help the other less fortunate people who have dream to become what they want to become someday that they can\’t afford because today I do believe that \

  13. I kindly wish to apply for your scholarship am pursuing Diploma in Nursing, please consider my application. I dearly need help to pay my fees which is hard for me because of my poor background.

  14. Hello dear
    My name is nasir am from somalia
    I would like to have oppurtunity
    For full scholarship from this university
    Please let me now wether i can have this

  15. Helo

    My Name is Philemon Kepas ,I am from Papua New Guinea and would like to have full scholarship to complete my studies..

  16. I wish to apply for law and help my family since we don\’t ve dat much.
    Pls I hope u ll be able to assist me.
    I ll be most grateful

  17. hi sir i want a scholarship to study there
    i will finish high shchool in 2019 …
    want to study electronis engennering ..
    it will be thankfull sir

  18. Nice to have this opportunity ro continue my study abroad. My name is mahder mihammed osman omer Eritrean nationality from sudan.I have completed 12plus one there was n Eritrea in 2007.since from that time I am searching for some scholarship funds to mt study.I want to study computer science. Thanks again nice to hear from you soon.

  19. Thanks , I would like to apply and get this opportunity, am a Ugandan,I am a rational and dedicated professional. I obtain a degree in Business Administration and Management – Uganda Martyrs University Nkozi. So I would like to get a scholarship
    for master degree in your university. please consider my application.

  20. Hi sir I am arpita Chowdhury and I am from India.
    I am pursuing diploma in electrical engineering and I want that scholarship for the further higher studies for engineering ..
    My family doesn\’t have the ability to do my further studies …I will be very obliged if you help me and grant me for the scholarship…

  21. I would like to know if you have scholarship for masters and if there is, is there medical law in your institution?
    Thank you.

  22. Hi
    Thank you for the offer. I will want to further my IT training which I am currently on my diploma level . Please consider me. Thank you

  23. I am a Sierra Leonean and I am highly interested in this scholarship. If this opportunity is given to me I will be great ful for it. Thanks for understanding.

  24. Please sir I need this scholarship tk study nursing in college it\’s very important to me I am a high school graduate…..

  25. Please sir I need this scholarship study software engineering in university it\’s very important to me b/c I graduated high school …

  26. I want to apply for a scholarship in aviation and I will be more than grateful if my inquiry is attended

  27. Dear sir
    I kindly request for a full scholarship in MSc environmental health science.once given this opportunity I will add value and give back to my communities.studied bsc in environmental health science at mount Kenya university -Kenya.
    Thank you.

  28. Hello everyone, i want to upgrade to Bachelor Degree in Computer Science/Information Technology at your University and currently, am at Uganda Martyrs University doing Diploma in IT.
    Thanks a lot

  29. I would love this scholarship because I want to do bachelors degree in business administration in human resource management

  30. Please sir,I\’m a 1st year Ghanaian student offering BA.Social Work and I\’ll be very elated if you grant me a scholarship to pursue the course abroad.

  31. my name is nigussie yimamu .i live in Ethiopia.i am studied in civil engineering in st degree .and i have 2year work exiprance in different construction company including ethio telecom .i would like to learn 2nd degree in your organization in highway pleas help me in order to fulfill my dream

  32. A Ugandan 🇺🇬 by Nationality, just concluded a Diploma at Kampala university.
    Hailing from Kapchorwa Municipality in Eastern part of the country

  33. I am a Ghanaian and I want Scholarship to study nursing. Please grant me a scholarship to pursue the course .Thank you.

  34. Sir… I enjoy with your program…. I need this scholarship to make my self al ready to face this world…. I wanna be a jurnalistik and be a strong woman in thiss world

  35. I wanna join here….
    I need this to make my self already to face this world… We need people who have a good goal andhave a good mind

  36. Hello my name is Melissa Besley
    And I am requesting a full scholarship to further my studies in the area of fine art, the acting track.

  37. This will be my first greatest opportunity to study abroad . civil engineering is what I want to study.

  38. Please help me to achieve my goals I really need this scholarship please in the name of God I love you all thank you

  39. I am in need of the scholarship to study Construction of technology in civil engineering (Diploma)
    Please sir

  40. am graduated with Bsc. degree of mechanical engineering with GPA of 3.11 and l want to study master in mechanical engineering Security in Europe. please help me to get scholarship!

  41. I will consider it a privilege to be given an opportunity to study on any of the mentioned fields above.

  42. I am a police officer and I wanted to study law in your place and get my Batchelder degree. I just completed my diploma in Human Resources Management at the Pacific Institute of Leadership and Governance here in Papua New Guinea.

  43. To everyone reading this please read throughout. I’m only a learner in South Africa in the Eastern Cape in Queenstown. I’m in high school looking for a bursary or scholarship. The reason are not just for travel but because my future is at stake. My school is a school that lack resources to teach us well. The teachers are trying their best to get resources but they are never enough. Our career choices are limite to a small number and that’s the reason I want a bursary or scholarship overseas that will give me a wide variety of choices and resources to become what I choose. I’m doing Grade 10 but the career I chose males me think again because the lack of resources make me doubt that if I’m in university I was taught what I was supposed to or is my skill lacking because everything need a skill. Please help me forward or get me a bursary overseas or in a place that has a wide enough resources. I would be thankful.

  44. I am Hendick Henzilzs Silien from Papua New Guinea. Please offer me a Scholarship to study Master in Research.

  45. My name is Clotilda Claudia harry from the Solomon Islands.

    Thank You for offer.
    Please assist with administering this Scholaship for me.

    I\’m a Police woman serving security and peace.

    Thank You very Much.

  46. I am a Tanzanian girl of 18 year\’s old I need very much this scholarship because I want to study social work profession which is dealing with helping people in need which is my dream to help people I need to go to college please help.thank you!

  47. Good!

    I am Lonkita Nicholas from Democratic Public of Congo Resident in South Africa.
    Manager of Mbambe Foundation Charity is nonprofit organization registration number is : 192-317 NPO in Africa.
    We got 30 youths\’ around Johannesburg and Cape Town the finished school and the get there matrices now is no any opportunities for them to start colleges or university that why a Organization Mbambe Foundation Charity we asking your assistance funding of bursary .
    Hope you can assist.

    Thank you,

    Mr. Nicholas

  48. Dear sir
    I would like to apply for one of these scholarships. I am pursuing a degree in mechatronics engineering; a scholarship is my last hope to do that. Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Yours Sultan Saryah

  49. Bonjour je suis une étudiante en 2ème année bac en filière de science vis et terre j\’ai souhaité de maccepté au bourse pour continuer mes études à l\’étranger

  50. Hello Sir,
    I would like a scholarship to finish my pilot training at Professional Pilot Training College at Cores Harbour New South Wales. Please advise of you can assist me.

  51. Hello Sir,
    I would like a scholarship to finish my pilot training at Professional Pilot Training College at Coffs Harbour New South Wales. Please advise of you can assist me.

  52. Hello

    Am from Ethiopia interested for this scholarship because i had a dream to study abroad.I will be very grateful if you grant me this scholarship to continue my education in bachelor degree/Health program in a field of midwifery.

  53. Am very ready for this offer when given the chance, l would like bachelor\’s degree in peace and conflict resolution management

  54. I\’m very great full for this offer if I given the chance to study masters..!!! /hematology and blood transfusion

  55. i would like to have further information about the scholarship i\’m looking forward to studying abroad meeting new cultures and nationalities and trying to finish my univerty

  56. hi am harrizon . requesting for a chance to study in your country as a fully sponsored student thank you

  57. Hello am kizito Mohammad I want a masters progrm in clinical pharmacy.. I always dreamt of saving lives in in Uganda we do not have this opportunity thanks

  58. Assalam o alaikum me Abdul rauf from pakistan…..hi dear sir need a scholarship for my study in msc please help me…..if possible..??

  59. I wish to have this scholarship inorder to finish my bachelor\’s degree in development studies

  60. I\’m from Burundi.I need these offer to continue my studies. I hold bac degree in translation languages. Thank.

  61. Thanks more nice to have this opportunity to continue my study abroad. Eritrean nationality from sudan I have completed 12plus one there in Eritrea in 2008.i need this scholarship grants .

  62. I want your full scholarships for masters degree in Nursing Discipline at your colleague pls. Help me!

  63. Will appreciate having a scholarship at your university .To study supply chain management or any related course.

  64. I want attend and study at your university in business management and related fields, bachelor degree program.with pleasure thanks.

  65. Hey There,
    I want to study MSc program in Hydraulic and water resource Engineering from your university by the year 2020. I have a BSc degree in Hydraulic and water resource engineering.
    Thanks and regards

  66. Sir I want to do m Phil in agriculture or biology witn scholarship
    I have done bs biotechnology
    Kindly reply

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