FREE ONLINE COURSES road to millennials’ success

Contrary to the traditional view of how schooling is done, the millennials have gotten used to multitasking by juggling career and education to the next level. The advent of online courses paved the way for this group of young people to step up their chosen career to a notch. Careers not only cover those nine-to-five jobs but even work-at-home moms too.

Safe in the confines of their offices or homes, the new generation is served with opportunities right at their fingertips. Online degree programs are being offered both locally and abroad. Online classes range from short term courses to long term ones. Offers vary from free degree programs to paid ones. Minus the regular hassle one has to face during regular commutes, classes online create an environment of comfort. Juggling work and traditional schooling is such a price to pay. Thus, online setting presents a formidable solution to the situation at hand. These distance learning courses provide an avenue so that people can still have a work-school-lifestyle balance.

Short of resources for free courses, some people resign to despair and forget about continuing professional education. Such predicament prompted well-known Stanford professors to open a platform for knowledge-sharing, which enables participant to receive certificates in their chosen field of study. The certificate however would cost, nevertheless if the purpose of the person visiting the site is to gain knowledge from highly acclaimed professors around the globe, COURSERA is the right platform.

COURSERA has partnered with the top universities worldwide namely John Hopkins University, Yale University, Stanford University, University of Toronto, Nanjing University, Imperial College London and the list continues. Coursera prided itself on its partnership with these aforementioned universities to deliver world class online learning experience. This online learning platform offers specializations in Business, Computer Science, Data Science, and Public Health.

Similar to that of a traditional class setting, a certain day is set wherein students are required to go live for group discussion. Videos of the lesson are uploaded by the professors. An online participant can gain access to it at any time of the day. The said lesson is automatically highlighted once it has been tackled. Questions can be raised regarding the topics discussed to which the professors and other professionals can answer either during the live video conferences or by creating a dashboard for the said inquiries. Quizzes are given at the end of the subtopics as a form of review. Students remarkably learn more in this team-based approach in learning and live expert instructions.

Basic personal information is asked upon registration. As part of the disclaimer of the MasterTractTM it stated, “MasterTrack™ Certificates are earned by completing a concatenation of graduate-level courses offered on the Coursera platform by some of the world’s most elite universities. Those same universities may allow qualified, admitted students to apply earned MasterTrack™ Certificate credits towards related Master’s degrees, leading to an affordable academic degree. Coursera does not grant academic credit, and does not guarantee that completion of a MasterTrack™ Certificate will result in academic credit; the decision to grant, accept, or transfer academic credit is subject to the sole and absolute discretion of an academic institution.”

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  10. Respected sir My name is Farrukh Ahmad.I\\’m belong to very poor family.I want to take scholarship in bachelor\\’s of sociology.I hope you Will accepted my request please provide me fully funded scholarship in bachelor\\’s of sociology.My country name is Pakistan.Respected sir I\\’m waiting your response.I hope you will accepted my request

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