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Contrary to the traditional view of how schooling is done, the millennials have gotten used to multitasking by juggling career and education to the next level. The advent of online courses paved the way for this group of young people to step up their chosen career to a notch. Careers not only cover those nine-to-five jobs but even work-at-home moms too.

Safe in the confines of their offices or homes, the new generation is served with opportunities right at their fingertips. Online degree programs are being offered both locally and abroad. Online classes range from short term courses to long term ones. Offers vary from free degree programs to paid ones. Minus the regular hassle one has to face during regular commutes, classes online create an environment of comfort. Juggling work and traditional schooling is such a price to pay. Thus, online setting presents a formidable solution to the situation at hand. These distance learning courses provide an avenue so that people can still have a work-school-lifestyle balance.

Short of resources for free courses, some people resign to despair and forget about continuing professional education. Such predicament prompted well-known Stanford professors to open a platform for knowledge-sharing, which enables participant to receive certificates in their chosen field of study. The certificate however would cost, nevertheless if the purpose of the person visiting the site is to gain knowledge from highly acclaimed professors around the globe, COURSERA is the right platform.

COURSERA has partnered with the top universities worldwide namely John Hopkins University, Yale University, Stanford University, University of Toronto, Nanjing University, Imperial College London and the list continues. Coursera prided itself on its partnership with these aforementioned universities to deliver world class online learning experience. This online learning platform offers specializations in Business, Computer Science, Data Science, and Public Health.

Similar to that of a traditional class setting, a certain day is set wherein students are required to go live for group discussion. Videos of the lesson are uploaded by the professors. An online participant can gain access to it at any time of the day. The said lesson is automatically highlighted once it has been tackled. Questions can be raised regarding the topics discussed to which the professors and other professionals can answer either during the live video conferences or by creating a dashboard for the said inquiries. Quizzes are given at the end of the subtopics as a form of review. Students remarkably learn more in this team-based approach in learning and live expert instructions.

Basic personal information is asked upon registration. As part of the disclaimer of the MasterTractTM it stated, “MasterTrack™ Certificates are earned by completing a concatenation of graduate-level courses offered on the Coursera platform by some of the world’s most elite universities. Those same universities may allow qualified, admitted students to apply earned MasterTrack™ Certificate credits towards related Master’s degrees, leading to an affordable academic degree. Coursera does not grant academic credit, and does not guarantee that completion of a MasterTrack™ Certificate will result in academic credit; the decision to grant, accept, or transfer academic credit is subject to the sole and absolute discretion of an academic institution.”

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  1. Morning! I\’m koulibali tchefigue from the ivory cost..i really this scholarship to complete my study.
    Please help me!

  2. Am samwel from tanzania am very much interested in achieving my goals, so i here by ask for the opportunity of attaining the scholarship so that i can study in order to attain my career

  3. i will appreciate this opportunity, if am given the scholarship award .my interest is in research in Sociology (Demography).

  4. I am happy to have this opportunity and i wish by God\’s grace that it may be granted so i can attain my Objectives, while waiting for your kind reply i remain yours faithful and humble applicant Simon, i wish to study Journalism and Mass communication, a bachelors degree program.

  5. Hi. Iam Husna. I need nursing scholarship from Tanzania to UK. My family is poor .l really need your help. I hope you will contact me soon.Please do so Sir.

  6. Hello. I am Wughanga from Kenya and I need an engineering scholarship to study abroad. Please help me acquire one. Thank-you.

  7. I will love if I was granted a scholarship to study computer engineering…… Enyinna Alphonsus…. Nigeria…….08106829004

  8. Dear partner,
    Warm greetings from me. The fact remains i am interested to the scholarship to study a bachelor degree in project management. I have started a small organisation that supports elderly people and needy children but need to further my studies to acquire various technical experience to improve programming and management of projects and programmes. I do not have financial resources to support my education because currently i am volunteering with an organisation and the little allowances i am paid can not in anyway support me to further the studies. I need your help in this. Some times i fail to apply because some Universities request for many documents of which in our country (Uganda), we may not possess them. This has not only affected me but also other vulnerable young people who would love to further their education. It will be my humble pleasure to positively hear from you. Kind regards, Godfrey

  9. I wish to study industrial automation,to further my studies in electrical engineering,but the situation in Cameroon is a big hindrance to me and my family as a whole,I need support please
    I just left level 3 in an engineering teachers training college

  10. I\’m Vincent, Diploma Nursing student. I want scholarship to study abroad. I would be very grateful if you grant me the opportunity to study abroad. Thank you.

  11. I\’m Diana Bitrus I have diploma in civil engineering technology, I want scholarship to further my education in abroad.please help me

  12. My name is Alvaro Gomes, I am from Guinea-Bissau, I am very interest to study Administration in public service in Australia, but i have financial problem, I dont have money, how can I get this scolarship, please I need help, thanks.

  13. I am interested to learn here

    Thank you soo much sir
    BUT how can i register? ?

    Please i am waiting for your guide. ….

  14. I really like this opportunity and I\’ll be very happy if I get scholarship. I\’m interested to enroll as well

  15. I\’m very happy for the Scholarship. It is important to know now, how the following, how to begin the studies after having the Scholarship, how to go, how registration ? When begin, what else ? I\’m interested for a Ph.d in \

  16. I accept the offer now I wish you can help me with 100% bursary with the scholarship mentioned
    I would love to study engineering to be specific one to deal with piloting stuff aeronautical engineering. Please help me

  17. Warm greetings, My name is Thabile Joyful Duma currently doing Hospitality level 4, A girl of 24 years of age who has great dreams in the Hospitality field and would like to study further in this field and would be must grateful if I was granted an opportunity to study with a scholarship. thanks while I wait

  18. Hi everyone am James Adaku a needy Ugandan yarning to pursue barcelor in general agriculture if granted this chance thanks.

  19. Hlo please, I\’m Davis
    I humbly ask for yo scholarship to do an undergraduate in law ,I am a Ugandan citizen though I live in Abu Dhabi
    I did history math geography economics and general paper at high school in Uganda though I lacked tuition for university .I will appreciate any kind of help please
    Thanks so much

  20. I\’m from Malawi and I would like to ask for help with this scholarship I would like to pursue my bachelor\’s degree in Internal Audit,, Please.Thank you

  21. i will appreciate this opportunity, if am given the scholarship award .my interest is to study computer engineering.please help me because no payment for this.

  22. humble greetings to everyone i am from South Africa. I wish to proceed with my studies in Honours( BA INDUSTRIAL SOCIOLOGY) so i really needs your help

  23. I have an unconditional offer to study for LLM in OIL ,Gas and Mining . I am in need of financial support. I humbly request to be considered for a scholarship

  24. Good day sir, I am interested in your scholarship/grant for PHD sponsorship in Doctorate degree in science education or M.Phil PhD in public health/Microbiology currently I haveM asters in science education working as Assistant Chief Technologist in Department of Microbiology of Mofibbo Adams University of Technology Yola Nigeria in Online study program Adegoke Paul .Nigeroa

  25. I need grant/scholarship of $4500:00 to complete the balance of my school feed at Texila American university Guyana Hongkong study center to complete my pending PhD in education program Adegoke Paul

  26. Hi!I\’m Samra.I\’m interested in this scholarship.can you please guide me about the registration process.

  27. My name is Ewura Akua.I am in Ghana and I would love to study biological sciences in the UK on scholarship basis.Please help me sir.My number is 0244982997

  28. Hello I am interested in the scholarship help me l want to study public health
    Am bongo Charles from Uganda .

  29. I want to get this grant and the reason I want to study but I have no money and my country is destroyed by the war

    Name:-Barasa Kappu Iticha
    Address:-Nekemtee town
    To all Active scholar ship online sponsors
    I am Barasa Kappu Iticha .
    Kappu is my father’s name and Iticha is my grandfather’s name . I was born on 19th Semp 1986 in Ethiopia ,Oromia regional state particularly in northern wollega.
    I had learned grade 1-8 at Sidan primary school and from grade 9-10 at secondary school Amuru. High school and recently I have received my IT/DBA/(database administration)Diploma with from New Generation University on sep. 11/10/2008 .
    Even though I have the interest of up grading my level of Education, I am forced to look for any other organizational.
    I will be benefited in many ways. Primarily with the fund, I will achieve or hold my ate and with one fourth of that budget I can also able to lead my family life. Secondly, I will be able to learn and improve two languages these are the international language English and the language of the s nation where I will conduct my research. Rather more I am lucky to promote mutual relation of sponsorship country and my home country. So, hope fully I am sure the every active will give their attention and priority to my application.
    With Thanks
    Barasa Kappu Iticha .
    Contact Phone :- +2519569049/0942093636
    Email address- kappubarasa
    Barasa Kappu Iticha .

    Full Name —————– Barasa Kappu Iticha .
    Sex————————- –male
    Date of Birth———– 1986E.C
    Place of Birth——– East Wollega
    Nationality ———— Ethiopian
    Marital Status——— single
    Tel/phone No ——— 0917569049
    Religion——- ———— Christian
    Physical condition ——- Normal
    2.Education back ground
    1992-2000GC sidan
    200-2002 GC kiramu School
    2005-2028GC dipiloma in NGUC
    Language Reading writing speaking lessoning
    English excellent excellent Excellent Excellent
    Afan Oromo excellent excellent excellent Excellent
    Amharic excellent excellent excellent Excellent
    Gadisaa nagawo Phone___0917096221

  31. I would like you to guide me trough registration process .indeed you have best universities.I would like to join one of them

  32. Getting the opportunity to roll in this amazing offer will be a dream come true.
    SoI want to be granted with this scholarship

  33. Getting the opportunity to roll in this amazing offer will be a dream come true.
    I want to be granted with this scholarship

  34. Good day, I am interested in this scholarship programme. Please help me out. I wish to study educational management.

  35. I would love to get this opportunity of schoolership and i wish I could study outside the country of south africa

  36. I am interested in this scholarship and I would be more interested if I study within the campus not online.

  37. im already having diploma and higher national diploma respectively and i need to study degree then masters.

  38. my name is Andualem
    I am Ethiopian
    I am intersted in this scholarship
    My area of specialization is in mathematical modeling(msc.)

  39. I have been looking for this for several years to be offered the scholarship from your institution. I\’m Frank Medson from Malawi.

  40. my name is selam engida am from Ethiopia am interested in this scholarship and thanks for chosen me

  41. Am from Malawi and am very interested in this scholarship, please help me on how to go about it

  42. Hi
    My name is Linah Sibiya and I am currently not working or studying at the moment but I wish to further my studies but the thing is that I live with my mother who is unemployed and we survive from the money she gets from selling on the streets and she can\’t afford to help me study further because of financial problems that we\’re facing.I would really appreciate it if you would help me make my dream come true .

    Linah sibiya

  43. Thanks for being of such great assistance to the global nation. I sat for my high education examination in Kenya (East African nation) last year 2018 and past highly with a score of A- (A minus). Have been admitted to one of our universities to study civil engineering yet I do not have enough finances. Is there a way you can give assistance to enable me to achieve my dream of becoming a civil engineer?
    Thanks for your time with me and others who need your help.

  44. Hi, I want to obtain my degree from this institution. Please help me with this opportunity as I see it as a dream come true.

  45. Am in need of this scholarship please in the field of bachelor of commerce and human resources management from tanzania

  46. Hi, I am Sarah from Indonesia. i am so eager to have this new kinda experience of learning. I would love to participate if there is a scholarship available for me. i would love to study the business courses

  47. i am from Ethiopia and interested in this scholarship. I need your assistance to join with my study abroad.

  48. Hello ,my deeply salutations to you…so how may i Trust that this scholarchip is réel?.?bcz i need to study in environnement…NIGER RÉPUBLIC

  49. Je suis de la Guinée ( Conakry ) , Bachelier du session 2017-2018 , je suis courageux , ambitieux et ponctuelle , mon rêve c\’est d\’étude dans l\’une des meilleurs universités du monde c\’est pour quoi Je suis intéressé par votre bourse d\’étude universitaire .

  50. I want to study, but i want to know that is it full free and i am from Pakistan. How i study here and how i came there?

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