$1000 degree program ARRL Charles Clarke Cordle Memorial Scholarship

Opportunities could come in a person’s life once he or she finishes education. We all know that it opens different doors that could improve life financially and emotionally. Plus, education is the key in changing the world, stated by Nelson Mandela. On the other hand, people tends to grow when they develop an enthusiasm in learning new things. The society and the individual both benefit from knowledge and wisdom which is the goal of education.

Unfortunately, in today’s world, there are a lot of hindrance that exist in our society the makes it hard for people to study. The continuous expenses in education such as tuition fee is constantly rising up and becoming a burden to every family. That is why, fewer and fewer people could attain a college degree or any degree program. On the other hand, it is a big help that technology provided an alternative platforms that makes people learn easier and cheaper. Now, you can have an online education which does not require to attend a physical school.

However, there are still a lot of people who prefer to have a traditional type of schooling in order to have a college degree or a degree program. Online education is good, it is just not for everyone.  But many of them has a problem with finances to pursue. The good thing is, there are organizations who are willing to help through financial aid, grants and assistance. They are giving those help in order for the next generation to continue their advocacies or to improve their life. If you want to start a career in radio operation, you could try $1000 degree program ARRL Charles Clarke Cordle Memorial Scholarship.

You need to start in online application in order to fill-up your information. A PDF transcript of records is also a necessity, this will show them about your academic performance. Bear in mind that those application without a transcript of records will not be entertained. After then, all of the applications will be read by the ARRL Foundation Scholarship Committee. They will judge the application’s eligibility and award. Once you are approved, you will receive an email from them. In order to have a complete details of the said scholarship, you could simply visit http://www.arrl.org/scholarship-descriptions.

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  1. Love education and wish to pursue a future in agricultural science will be glad if you would please help. Thanks

  2. I really need this scholarship so please give me the opportunity. Want to know more about how I can apply. Thank you.

  3. I am currently taking up Bachelor in Educational Leadership and management in PNG education Institute but am very much interested to also undertake the same course in Australia

  4. Je suis très émise de votre promotion de bourse.Je suis impatiente de recevoir cette bourse afin de couvrir mes études.Que dois-je faire pour afin d\’obtenir.

  5. Salut monsieur, Madame,je suis intéressé à votre offre de bourse.Je suis en République démocratique du Congo.Comment faire pour afin d\’obtenir.En entente d\’une suite favorable veuillez agréer Monsieur, Madame l\’expression de mes salutations distinguées.

  6. I want to forward my education oversea I came from a poor family and I\’m facing difficulties in my education due to financial support I wish you will help me please

  7. hi am extending my request for scholarship, am a third student of kyambogo university in Uganda pursuing bachelors degree in art s and social science major in sociology and social administration, in which a have a difficulty i completing due in adequate finance, your response a waits thanks.

  8. i request from the bottom of my heart for any wisher who would help me in a complising my studies i have a lot of financial hardship, my parents are peasants in which they find it hard to raise my tuition God bless you as you respond.

  9. Please I am want a scholarship because I have problem With tuition,am a Ugandan pursuing bachelor degree in quantitative economics Gulu university. Thanks.

  10. I am a drop out of the stella marrie university in Monrovia Liberia, all because of fun and I need a university degree can you please help me get a free scholarship in order for me to have a degree in ENGINEERING

  11. A high school graduate (Advanced level) looking for an opportunity to better his future through scholarships.Interested in any Geography related programms especialy marine and environment management and so on.Please contact me on +263774258535.Yours Simon from Zimbabwe .Thank you

  12. i am assefa from ethiopia. i have bsc degree in civil engineering>> if u let me in ur scholarship a want to continue my masters degree in related fields 10 q for ur invitation

  13. Titulaire une licence en économie, j\’ai vraiment besoin de cette bourse pour poursuivre mes études niveau Master dans le domaine de l\’analyse financière.

  14. Good day Ma\’am/Sir. I\’m Elmo and I\’m 19years old. I\’m from Philippines and I want to study abroad. Is it possible that I can study there and have a full scholarship? I am willing to put my efforts and hard works to pursue my dreams. I am currently studying Senior High School and will graduate this March 2019. I am studying an Academic track specializing of Accountancy, Business and Management and this January 2019 I\’ll be taking assessment to get National Certificate III (NC III) For Bookkeeping . I would like to ask for your support and help for me to study there in college and have a full scholarship. I\’ll be looking forward for your positive response. God bless and thank you

  15. I already hold am bachelors dear i educatio (English/Literature). Can l get a full sponsorship to study a masters degree abroad on campass

  16. Hello thanks for this golden opportunity. I\’m wihkocho Ignatius Movuh, a Cameroonian of citizenship. I just completed my high school studies as an A2 student(History, Economics and Geography) under Arts. I wish to continue my studies in the US but I\’m financially incapacitated. As such, I\’m seeking for a scholarship in the University of America. I look forward to hearing from you at your nearest conveniences. Thanks.

  17. I\’m very interested to get scholarships of masters. but I\’m taking information technology bachelor degree now in Ethiopia with a good grade.

  18. thanks I need to get masters scholarships in American so,I would like to request scholarship and sponsorship because I am in financial incapacity.jeremie from Burundi

  19. I am a Ghanaian and I have completed my 1st Degree in Bachelor of education in art and I wish to continue my masters degree in abroad.May I know the details of your course areas.
    Below is my WhatsApp contact:

  20. I need to further my studies in msc college i have registered for project management course by i lack funding.I hope i will be answered.

  21. Hi sir,

    My name is Clotilda Claudia Harry from Solomon islands in pacific region(oceania)

    grateful for this note, Need to finish study MBA( ,specialization in Human Resources and Business studies Organisational Behaviour, leadership and management studies completed in Australia*Dual diploma). should there is a chance for me, please help me with a schorlaship.

    Ms. Clotilda Claudia Harry

  22. hey i applied for this scholarship because of i need help to pay for my studies.i have applied for the school only to find out that it was private school and also i did not know that NSFAS do not fund private schools so i need a sponsor to fund me for my studies..i would love and like appreciate this help that you will give me

  23. Good day am Isaac 19years old. I\’m from from kenya and I want to study abroad. Is it possible that I can study there and have a full scholarship? I am willing to put my efforts and hard works to pursue my dreams. I am currently at home due to lack of schoolfees to start my college study and I just completed my highschool journey in 2018 December.I want to specialize on aeronautical engineering. I would like to ask for your support and help for me to study there in college and have a full scholarship. I’ll be looking forward for your positive response. God bless and thank you.
    contact info:+25423788541.

  24. From deep of my heart I need to request for the Full Scholarship in Masters in Energy and Environment in any recognized University in Tanzania Universities and Abroad Universities ,according to the Scholarship Board decision.Thank you very much

  25. I am from Zimbabwe, an economically and political volatile country in southern Africa, please help me to get this scholarship, I want to further my studies in Development studies (Master of Social Science in Development Studies)

  26. My name is anih ifeanyi chukwu precious, am a native of nkanu east local government Enugu, Nigeria.
    I am a high school graduate, education is my priority after God, I can\’t imagine how it will feel like if am dropped here as a prospective student, after all I have passed through during my secondary school days. Although I don\’t want to go to any college in Nigeria, and worst still I don\’t have any finance/capital to further my education outside state. That why am pleading and also masterminding a plan to gain a scholarship to study outside state. Even if it didn\’t work out for me this year surely it will next year cus I know my God. But am still counting on you guys even if I can\’t trust you guys. I solemnly believe it will happen and I must school in Oxford university England thanks, I love you.

  27. Thanks for this beautiful opportunity at the service of the less privilege
    Am glad to be part of this scholarship journey

  28. They say everyone have his/her day and I think my day has come to fulfil my drems of persuing a deegre in accounting and finance abroad please I request fr a help I will be very grateful if my request is put under consideration thnk you Mr.David

  29. I need you help so that i persue my master\’s degree. I got a first class degree in education but i lack money tocontinue with my studies i therefore request for your help. may good lord bless you

  30. I am accepted to Sambhram University of India and I am from Namibia and I want to go pursue my career as soon as possible, please help me with this loan.
    I am looking forward to hearing from you.

  31. My name is Simesihle Dube, I\’d be very happy to get a scholarship to further my studies, I have good previous educational level results but due to inadequate funding , I haven\’t furthered my studies. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

  32. I would like to attain my dream
    But wouldn\’t mind if it\’s a scholarship.
    I need to further my education.

  33. I would really like to get this opportunity, in order to continue my education under Scholarship. If you can do me this favor

  34. Hi David,am realy interested in your scholarships i would to upgrade in your university,i hold adiploma in business studies.thank you.

  35. I am from Afghanistan, and I am searching for fully funded scholarship in china, to complete my MS in biomedical science, please help me!

  36. Thank you for this platform God continue to bless you .I need this scholarship to move on with my studies your response is freatly appreciated

  37. i am looking for scholarship to pursue my studies. I attained 15 points at A\’level Divinity,Sociology & Shona

  38. Good morning my name is Brighton,I completed school last year.last night I saw your ad concerning schorlaships and I decided to apply because I have faith that I will be given a scholarship in medicine.

  39. Hi,what are the procedures to get your scholarship?Requirements please,am currently doing my Matric.

  40. I am Igba Kingsley. I wish to apply for a scholarship to enable me enhance my study in any health related course.

    Thank you.

  41. My name Manzoor Ahmad belongs to Pakistan and I have got the need for Scholship Sir I joined your heart and Mercury Will give you Will pray For you .My personal number is +92 3136 870 390 thank you

  42. Sharma needs scholarship and I need a free sponsor visa I want to come to New Zealand for study study

  43. Am mwesigye Ronney completed Hi skul last year in 2018 making 14 points wiz B in History and Art but am finicially weaking wishing to pursue Industrial Art if am offered sponsorship

  44. I have second degree(MA) in community development and leadership from Mekelle university. I want to join scholar ship in PHD development courses. I am eligible for the PHD courses. I will look for your rapid and positive answer.

  45. I really need this scholarship to complete my university studies..
    How can I be granted a fully funded scholarship..
    Can you help me?

  46. I will be very grateful if am granted a scholarship to pasue a diploma in midwifery,God bless you.

  47. I want to join your university to learn MA degree program in business managment and related courses if you select me to this scholariship opportunity .iam from ethiopia .i have graduated BA degree from hawasa university in business managrment.

  48. Please I needs a master scholarship to study international relations in a foreign land. Please am from Nigeria. A poor student.
    I will be grateful if my request is granted.

  49. Hii,
    Please help me am in need of a scholar yo complete my education am in Uganda. Please help me.

  50. Sir I want to make my education up but due to lack of money I am unable to pursue so kindly help me MBBS in abroad

  51. Sir my mob number is+916005848224
    I want to continue my education but I don\’t know how to apply for the application

  52. Hello, my name is Elysee from Rwanda. I would like to let you know that , I wished to pursue with Higher Education for MASTER DEGREE. so please help.

  53. Please I want you to help me pursue my studies and I will be very grateful if been granted the opportunity thank you

  54. Dear Sir/Madam:,
    I want to part of your scholarship for the school this year to procure higher education that I will contribute my quota in the world.
    I hope my request will be granted. I live in Africa in one of the poor west African State (Liberia).
    God bless.
    My best regard

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