One-time scholarship of $2,500 APIASF Wells Fargo Scholarship

Obtaining a college education at these economic trying times has been financially challenging. Most degree programs, if not all are costly and almost impossible for low income families. Chances of getting into universities are tough considering the expenses of the college education, dormitories, and other schooling needs which will always occur along the way. Nowadays, there are organizations that offer multiple scholarships providing hope to the students who aim to get a bachelor degree and become professionals.

One of the organizations that offer scholarship grants is the Asia & Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund or APIASF. They have several scholarship grants for degree programs and one of them is the APIASF Wells Fargo Scholarship that can grant a one-time scholarship of $2,500 to a qualified student. APIASF has offered scholarship grants to Asian and Pacific Islander American (APIA) students since their studies find that these students have fewer opportunities to achieve higher education in the past. APIASF has started back in the year 2000 and has granted scholarships to hundreds of students yearly. In the year 2017, they have granted around 400+ scholarships to students from 40 US states and other federal countries.

APIASF aims to provide students access to higher education regardless of their ethnicity or national origin. The $2,500 APIASF Wells Fargo Scholarship One-time Scholarship is one of the doors they opened as proof of their mission statement. APIASF Wells Fargo Scholarship is offered to high school seniors and college student taking up a bachelor degree for any degree programs in an APIASF accredited College or University. Furthermore, APIASF and Wells Fargo have developed a program called Jump Start College Tour which provides resources for the students to succeed during college. APIASF and its partnership with Wells Fargo have continuously helped students finally achieve the college education they deserve.

The $2,500 APIASF Wells Fargo Scholarship One-time Scholarship application starts in September 2018 until early January 10, 2019. Some of the requirements are the applicant should be an Asian American and/or Pacific Islander ethnicity, have a minimum GPA of 2.7 on a 4.0 scale or have earned GED, must apply for federal financial aid using the FAFSA and must submit one letter of recommendation online. Check the following link for further requirements information

When filling up the application form, APIASF recommends that you be yourself, know your reasons why, choose your recommender carefully and write thoughtfully. You can get their application form via their website or you may also contact them at

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  1. demande de subvention
    Ravaka Julie RAJAONARIVELO
    à institution-advancement
    Il y a 16 heuresDétails
    Je m\’appelle Ravaka et je suis une malagasy.J\’ai eu mon bac l\’année dernière mais je suis tombée malade et je n\’ai pas pu étudier mais même si je ne l\’était pas, Ma mère élève seule 4enfant avec moi et elle a du mal en plus je suis l\’aînée et également la première à aller à l\’Université.Elle se démène très fort à trouver l\’argent pour mon inscription mais jusqu\’à maintenant je n\’ai pas pu le faire et je ne suis encore inscrit à aucun Université.
    Comme qualité je suis Travailleuses et j\’ai une grande motivation pour être diplômé et je veux aller très loin dans mes etudes.Je suis aussi une personne sérieuse et perfectionniste.
    J\’ai juste besoin d\’aide pour faire mon inscription et après je vous joindrai mes notes et vous verrez si vous pouvez continuer à m\’aider mais vous verrez que vous ne le regretterez pas.
    Je vous remercie à l\’avance de bien vouloir me répondre et si jamais vous ne vous occuper pas de mon cas alors s\’il vous plaît suggérez-moi une fondation qui pourrait m\’aider parce que je veux tellement étudier.
    Si vous voulez des informations supplémentaires,je reste à votre entière disposition et vous pourrez me contacter directement avec mon numéro que je joindrai ci-dessous.
    Veuillez agréer mes salutations.

    Ravaka Julie
    +261 34 26 740 57

  2. Hello I\’m from Ethiopia I have BA degree in management and now I wanna advance my knowledge to serve my country However I cann\’t do it due to luck of financial support so please invite me.

  3. hello i would like to pursue computer science but due to financial problems i kindly request for a scholarship

  4. I\’m grade 10 high school student when I finish my high school I want to learn law so I need a free scholarship thanks.

  5. Hello, i am Muhammad Naeem from Pakistan , i have a degree in BS in information Technology but i would like to have scholarship to further my studies in MS IT in UK or china. Thanks i Hope to receive a positive response .

  6. Iam Josphat korir a kenyan on my 3rd year student persueing a degree agricultural extention and education could you offer me a scholarship to further my studies

  7. Hello I am Muhammed Ndaman from Nigeria am HND holder in public Administration. I want to have Bsc in international relation in UK with your help as your offer me with scholarship. thanks

  8. répond au nom de Goni Abakoura titulaire d\’un baccalauréat tchadien.Vue de la bonne formation universitaire et d\’une vie favorable alors je suis intéressé à propos de la bourse universitaire alors qu\’elles sont les étapes à suivre.

  9. Hope my message finds you well.I am from Zimbabwe my dream is to study Bachelor of Technology Honuors degree in Information Technology abroad.Your support will be greatly appreciated.

  10. Hello am called Mzamani Masego. I complited my matric last year 2017 and am stuck now because of financial issues. And i were longing for years in my life to be a mechanical engineering. i need scholarship from you please, it will help me fullfil my dream and come true.

  11. Am Timothy Tukacungurwa,from Uganda, wish to persue a masters degree in biology from abroad, but financially unstable,therefore kindly requesting for a scholarship.

  12. Its so hard to get scholarship because of life in in these countries is expensive but with the help of these grants and these given scholarship life becomes please help Africans because they need this

  13. Hi I am Pankaj Kumar I have completed my I.SC in 2018.I want to study B. Tech, but due to the poor condition of my house, my studies have been I need scholarship from you please, it will help me fullfil my dream and come true.Thankyou,,,

  14. Hello I am Birhan Melaku from Ethiopia gratuity in accounting and finance I wanna steady MA Business administration or Marketing.

  15. Please, how do I get fully funded scholarship to study medicine in Ukraine.
    It has been my dream, and any help offered won\’t be easily forgotten.
    Odu Goodness from Nigeria.

  16. Yes! I really need someone to pay for my education because I lack support from my parents.
    So I really need to be help out with tuition fee payment to focus on my career goal!
    Many thanks!

  17. Please I have tried so many scholarship but I did not get please help me out I need a scholarship to study any where in my country I did not get a loan to study because I don\’t have my dad\’S document I can not find them I was just raised by my uncle, aunt and my single mother
    My best regards

  18. I am John Gariba, a holder of H.N.D civil engineering and i am soliciting for a sponsorship to pursue piloting program. So, i call for your support. thank you.

  19. I am Trishia Nano
    14 years old
    I want to get a scholarship so that i can help my parents and give them a better life in the future and i also want to repay them for all their sacrifices for our family.
    I want to graduate and be a professional someday.

  20. Hello I’m from Nigeria I have Bsc. degree Geography and now I wanna advance my knowledge to serve my country,However I can not do it due to lack of financial support so please invite me.

  21. Hello I am from Ethiopia I have BS degree in electrical and computer engineering and now I wanna advance my knowledge to serve my country However I can not do it due to luck of financial support so please invite me.

  22. Hello i am from Zimbabwe with a Bsc degree in Community Development studies. I am seeking a scholarship so as to further my studies in the UK and my parents cannot manage to fund me .i look forward to your response to my request. Thank you

  23. Please I need a scholarship to be able to advance myself educationally to help my family .
    I\’m holder of a BSc in Biochemistry and Molecular biology

  24. Bonjour, merci pour l\’occasion que vous nous donnez. J\’ai eu mon bac depuis faute de moyen je ne peux suivre mes cours correctement. S\’il vous plaît cette bourse me sera d\’une grande utilité. Recevez l\’expression de mon profond respect.

  25. Hello, i am Gedif Semre from Ethiopia , i have a degree in BS in Electrical and computer engineering but i would like to have scholarship to further my studies in networking or related ECE in UK or china. Thanks i Hope to receive a positive response .

  26. Estou a fazer 1 ano de universidade mas nao consigo avancar para 2 devido as propinas. Agradeceria muito pela ajuda.

  27. My name is Abizera Harriet am a Ugandan and I would like to persue a degree in medicine or any other medical course to help people with health problems. Wish you can help in this

  28. I want study in Canada or UK in L. L. B
    SO Plz Gide me. I also completed Bachler degree in B. A
    I have financial problems
    Plz help me
    Mijaki samim hasan
    From :India

  29. Hi, I\’m FITSUM Feseha from Ethiopia. I am still a grade 10 student, but I really need a scholarship for my future dream, which is becoming a doctor, thank you.

  30. Hi I\’m Elisante Kenya mahenge i have applied for the scholarship to study abroad due to my poor conditions i have in my family so if you can help me i think i will reach to my dreams

  31. Pleas I Need Scholarahip Because I Finished My High Schools So I Hope To Recieve Apossitive Respone To Become A Doctor

    Thnk You 🙏

  32. Hello
    I am kindly asking for a scholarship to do dentistry or medicine in Canada , Australia or Malaysia. I just finished my high school and waiting for financial support to pursue my studies.. thank you. I am looking forward to a favourable reply

  33. I would like a scholarahip to further with my tertiary studies because my family is unfortunate and i dont wish to study in my country because it seems like no one is gaining something after graduating,candidates are becoming jobless after graduating so i was hoping and wishing for a scholarship,i hope you will meet my demands please

  34. I would like a scholarahip to further with my tertiary studies because my family is unfortunate and i dont wish to study in my country because it seems like no one is gaining something after graduating,candidates are becoming jobless after graduating so i was hoping and wishing for a scholarship,i hope you will meet my demands please
    I would wish to study in canada,australia or SA
    Thank you

  35. Hi dear sir.iam Mohammad Farid azizi. I am from Afghanistan. I graduated from kabul university geoscience faculty. I don\’t have a money to complete my knowledge. So please sir give me a full funded scholarship

  36. Im Caleb from Kenya Im looking for a scholarship to study Bachelor of Commerce in the field of finance its my child hood dream and passion

  37. I\’m noumbissie Rene from South west region of Cameroon where the the war of marginalisation .im a degree holder in business management .i wish for a scholarship to pursue my dreams and aspirations .to help the less previlleges .thanks

  38. I am from Pakistan and I want to study in London Kuwait or Australia
    in department of mathematic in full scholarship please proceed my request

  39. hello i am Rwandan sincerly i need your scholaship in department of medecine please i need also to be more informed about your scholarhip. thank you

  40. Hello sir/ma, I am Nigerian, I ve diploma in mass communication. And i need ur scholarship to advance my course of study in canada. If this my aspiring scholarship were granted I would be very greatful to God Bcs it\’s what I have been aspire To desired

  41. Iam a vaccist looking for a way forward to go for my university am here asking for your help if you will be able to help get this scholarship Iam a Ugandan and living in Uganda for now I shall thank God if my application would be put in a positive consideration

  42. Hello, I am khandu wangchuk from Bhutan, a small country with many poor people including me. I have been wanting to study engineering courses or honours in mathematics but due to financial problems I cannot afford the tuition fees for college. Please invite me and help make my future bright.

  43. Hi Iam student in high school (2ème Baccalaureate professionnels Comptabilité ) And I want to continue my studies in Turkey but my mother is very sick and I have one brother and my father, I have language turkish and english and frensh and arabic . I ask you for helping me because we haven\’t money for living in Turkey .

  44. Am a Cameroonian and a holder of health care management I need a scholarship so to do my degree and even master in public health.waiting for ur reply

  45. I am doing bs.honor in applied psychology I need an abroad scholrship for master degree in clinical psychology, waiting for your reply

  46. First and foremost, I would like to express my deepest gratitude for preparing these opportunities and acknowledge you for offering educational opportunities for developing countries especially for Sub- Saharan Africa. I was graduated with BA degree from Arba minch University in the field of Economics. Currently; I am working at Bahir Dar University as lecturer which is one of the governmental higher institutions located in Amhara regional state, Ethiopia. I am a young energetic and generous to continue MA program in ECONOMETRICS and other related fields. However, due to financial incapability, I couldn’t attend my MA study and searching for full scholarship.

  47. Am a National Diploma graduate in Science Labouratory Technology from Nigeria but am unable to go back for my HND or BSC because of money pls i need a scholarship and i will be happy

  48. Hello!
    I am Elisha from Rwanda i completed my high school studies in electronics and telecommunications long ago in 2008 unfortunately i did not continue due to the financial issue.
    Anyway i want a degree in journalism and communication or other faculties related to it such as mass communication and journalism.
    May i be given the scholarship!?

  49. Hello
    Am Elizabeth from kenya and I would love to study abroad and persue bachelor in computer science and I need your support

  50. Hi Im Dumsani V. Tsabedze from Swaziland(Eswatini).I need a scholarship to Study my Bachelor\’s Degree in Architecture at AIU university.The deadline for me is on the 10April 2019.

  51. Please, I\’m Prince Asamoah. Currently a level 100 first year Agricultural engineering student in my country, Ghana and needs a scholarship for level 200

  52. Please, I\’m Prechen Dago. Currently studied as Bachelor of secondary education major in Sciences in my country in Philippines and I need financial scholarship

  53. Please, I\’m Currently studied as Bachelor of secondary education major in Sciences in my country and I need financial scholarship

  54. My name is joel mfate am seeking for scholarship of masters degree of science of physics am from a low income family i need a help to fulfil my dream

  55. Am a Uganda with a diploma in clinical medicine and community health then am looking @ doing medicine and surgery in UK

  56. I\’m interested in this scholarship please I was studying Human resources management, business law, international communication and English language and now I want to study Nursing help me with the scholarship.. Thank you

  57. Hi i am alison , a nigerian .. I wish to have a schorlarship to study medicine and sugerey …could you please help. +2347081903561

  58. Hello, I\’m Abdulrazaq A. from Nigeria.
    I aspire to be a pharmacist but overwhelmed by financial challenges.
    This is a great opportunity I won\’t like to be a loser of.
    Please, I\’m interested.

  59. How do you do my name is Rachel Chiedza Manyika am a girl aged 18years ok with only a dream of being a social worker who would bring a change to the universe please kindly take my plead into consideration and make my dream come true as I\’m too eager to make many lives too shine through social work I\’m a Zimbabwean Girl

  60. I would really appreciate it if my application for a scholarship would be taken to consideration as I\’m very serious about it and i need it very much

  61. Bonjour suis Keva élevé en Terminale D et j\’aimerai s\’il vous plait poursuivre mes études universitaires en faculté de médecine dans votre pays j\’ai 18 ans et je suis Gabonaise …

  62. Iam requesting for a scholarship to further my education at master level since I have financial problems to do it

  63. I\’m fourth year law student in samara university,Ethiopia. So I need to study more after graduatio either in USA or UK. Please help me to get fully funded scholarship.

  64. Hi, am a degree holder in science and what to further my education in the medical school. Please, l need help with a scholarship to further my education, hope to hear from you soon, thanks

  65. I am a chooser generation with great potential to study a professional pilot.but due to financial problems that why I am apply for a Scorlaship.and if I am opportune to be the winner it will be like a dream come true…please I need this to actualize my dream..Thanks

  66. Hi I am Yirga Mekonnen I have completed my BSc(Bachelor of Science in Applied statistics) in 2017 from Aksum University ,Ethiopia and now I\’m Studying MSc in Biostatistics from Bahir Dar university,Ethiopia.But,to be world competent by a research on the health status of world people I want to study MY MSc abroad by biostatistics and epidemeology or any other health and statistics filed,Any way my dream is to be a known researcher , but due to the poor condition of my house and country , my dream to be a researcher have been interrupted many times .so I need scholarship from you please, it will help me fullfil my dream and come true.Thankyou,,,

  67. My name is Tamiru Tibebu from Ethiopia.Age 30 sex male.I have an MA degree in teaching English as a foreign language.As a chance ,currently Iam a postgraduate student at jimma University(Phd ,Student).Iam not governmental sponsorships .Iam self sponsored .If I get sponsorships Iam very happy to study at your university

    Thank you time and consideration
    Tamiru from Ethiopia

  68. I am a dedicative young man, who is willing to Continue his career but due to financial difficulties, my legs are pulling. Therefore, i will be very happy if this opportunity is given to me. I promise i will utilize it positively. Thank you.

  69. Hy am Said from Kenya . I am recently a student at our local university in Kenya but I am financially unstable . I am requesting with due respect to help me accomplish my dream and allow me to continue studying at Kenya by assisting me with that scholarship. Thank you in advance.

  70. Bonjour,je me présente au nom de yaya djiddi j\’ai eu mon baccalauréat année passer et suite au moyen financière que je n\’ai pas pu aller a l\’université donc je serai vraiment ravé de m\’avoir accordez un chance de m\’offrir un brouse vous mercie

  71. Am hereby humbly requesting for a scholarship so that I can get a degree in business administration but have a financial problem and a refugee in Uganda. Saidate from Burundi

  72. Hi. I am Ngisser Ndeyapo Kamati, a degree in education holder. Kindly want a scholarship to do my master degree in English next year with University of Namibia 2020.

    I hope you will consider me with enormous concern

  73. Nice to have this opportunity to continue my study abroad. My name is mahder mohammed osman omer Eritrean nationality from sudan I have completed 12 plus one there in Eritrea in 2007. I want to continue my study for further more up to university abroad. So could you offer me this scholarship grants. Thanks again nice to hear from you soon .

  74. i am looking for a school scholarship, i finished my advanced level in 2017 and i am staying at home. my parents cant afford to send me for my tertiary studies. i am a zimbabwean. i will be looking forward for your responds
    my contact details

  75. I am looking for MS scholarship. I finished my BS physics . My parent can\’t afford more money for my education. I am waiting for your reply. My contact number. +923435398880

  76. i\’m kondwani kamanula a malawian young boy and financial crisis is the only barrier to my success so if it is possible would you please help me in any means so that i can achieve my goals because i have no one who can pick me up due to the parentless situation that i\’m in.

  77. i have HND in refrigeration and Air Conditioning and would like to persue BEng (Hons) in the same field .plse advice accordingly.

  78. M Aqib Ali from pakistan m want to study in your country n m have not money……please help me in this matter…….I \’ll wait your reply….Thnx

  79. Good morning I am a holder of national higher diploma in the national advanced school of public works Buea-Cameroon so don\’t have money to continue my studies will be glad if I am offerthe scholarship

  80. Hello dears
    I\’m Kamran and graduated in power from university,I\’m from Iran an 30 years old,I\’m trying to immigrate to Canada and seeking a job but I worth heartedly like to continue my education and reaching higher degrees but unfortunately I can\’t effort university\’s tuition,please help me getting a scholarship in Canada
    Thanks alot

  81. Hello.I am Fatuma Mahmoud;Kenyan.I am 19 years and currently in college.School fees has recently become a struggle due to some personal issues going on at home.
    I would really appreciate if I was given a scholarship to study.Thankyou!

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