$1000 Arizona Elk Society Annual Youth Scholarships

Scholarship grants can come in different sources. Students who have a passion to wildlife conservation can obtain a scholarship grant for following their desired career. Wildlife conservationists have reached out to the youth who are committed and passionate to get their college education. Fortunately, The Arizona Elk Society has decided provide scholarships to high school seniors and college students who are pursuing a degree program in wildlife sciences or any similar field. The Arizona Elk Society is a leading organization which has been helping with the habitat restoration for elk and wildlife for several years now. They are committed to implementing youth education regarding wildlife and habitat conservation, hunting and outdoor activities.

Since their first conference in the year 2001, they have started to visualize youth and educational programs. Eventually, they started offering scholarships to students who wants a bachelor degree or any degree program in wildlife sciences or related fields. $1000 college education grant can be rewarded to qualified students by the Arizona Elk Society Annual Youth Scholarships. The scholarships are granted to students who are attending accredited colleges or universities.

The Arizona Elk Society hopes that the scholarship recipients will be the next wildlife conservationists, the succeeding generation of committed conservationists contributing to the wildlife and the outdoors. Which means the students should actively participate in school activities related to wildlife. Achieving a bachelor degree on this field can be rewarding as your journey will definitely contribute to the habitat conservation and restoration which is part of the Arizona Elk Society’s mission.

Scholarship application is open to both high school and college students, students who are pursuing wildlife sciences bachelor degree or closely related to the same college degree course and must have a minimum GPA of 2.7 on a 4.0 scale. The Arizona Elk Society scholarship process is simply downloading their application form via their website, completing an essay, gathering 3 letters of recommendation and other materials the scholarship application may need. The application should be postmarked before February 28 and mailed to their postal address.

The Arizona Elk Society will be granting 3 scholarships in 2 categories for 2018. A banquet will be held on April 14, 2018 which is an annual event. The first scholarship category will grant 2 qualified high school senior students in the amount of $750 and $1000 while the second scholarship category will grant 1 qualified college student of $1000 amount. For more detailed information you may visit their website https://www.arizonaelksociety.org/youth-program/scholarship-program

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  1. My Self Abdul Moiz.
    I want to study but financialy week.
    i need a scholarship to continue.
    kind do something in my fovour.
    Thank u

  2. Hello? Mine is a question. Does it mean that you can\’t give people scholarships to study in their mother countries?? I\’ll appreciate your kind response please.

  3. Hi,I\’m Gracious from Uganda.
    If given this scholarship,I would love to make the world a better place free from cyber theft.I\’m passionate about technology with all my life.
    And i would love to do cyber security if given any opportunity.thank u

  4. Hallo….!!! I\’m seleman from Tanzania i wish to have an opportunity to be given full scholarship to study post graduate degree in education.
    For that reason, my request shall bear positive outcome in contributing millenium development goals of 2025 in my be loved country.
    Kindly grant me this wonderful opportunity and i shall be thankful for that potential chance.

  5. I need this scholarship to develop my skill to improve my dreams… With out this scholarship am not. Pls consider me,ill appreciate your kind response.

  6. Hi. I have always had a great passion in studies and here am dearly in need of scholarships for my post graduate studies.
    will be the happiest one granted a kind opportunity.

  7. please send me links of scholarships where they pay directly to the university of any country where the student study,because i need some funds to complete my degree.

  8. Hi how are you ???…
    My name is Tanweer Ali…
    I am a Muslim…
    My father is a poor man ,I passed the matriculation examinations I also want to study more but we don\’t have money …
    So help me…

  9. Hello am Gamisha Joanita from Uganda. I would love to get a scholarship to upgrade. Financially I am not stable that’s why I am kindly requesting for this scholarship. I dd IT at my bachelors but would love to gain more knowledge and skills.

  10. i am ogungbure godwin. i am from nigeria. i plan to study computer science in london because my country lacks technology. i will be glad if my request is granted

  11. Please am a health student I really want to continue my study but I have no financial asistant pls I need a scholarship

  12. Good day to you sir or ma. Even if this day is not good for i promise that it will be better tomorrow or better still today has not come to an end because all our feature is bright. Please my name is Emmanuel i am trying to apply for a scholarship because of financial problem is that i don\’t but dad just trading store just got bunt down and it is fund for me and my brother difficult i will be grateful if you would look in to my situation. Thank you and may the almighty bless you and put smiles in your as you will put in mine Amen!

  13. It would be so life changing if you\’d consider me for a scholarship, I\’m very interested in pursuing my studies though im not good financial wise but I believe that having won these scholarship would mean so much more, please consider me.

  14. Dear sir, am Joseph, i have three daughters who desire to persue education to the peak. But am weak economically. I entreat your favour to educate them. Joy my 1st daughter scored B in her primary exam. She needs to go for high school. I entreat your favour for schoolarship on their behalf. Your rewarding kindness is appreciated.thanks

  15. Nice to have this opportunity ro continue my study abroad .Eritrean nationality from sudan I have completed 12 plus one there in Eritrea in 2007.Thanks again nice to hear from you soon .

  16. Hello,
    I am lincenciated in ecology and management of plant resources in democratic republic of Congo.
    I have this concern for the conservation of wildlife and especially that I am an ecologist in the laboratory of ecology and forest management.
    Can you give me the chance with a scholarship to continue my research and / or consider a postgraduate degree in ecology?

  17. Hi….I am Nabunya Hawah..a Ugandan.. Kindly requesting for this scholarship.. I studied from Lowell girls\’ school.. I have a single parent.and that\’s my father..Mr.Sekitto Abdulai..
    I lost my mother in 2006 when I was 6 years..and my father became financially unhealthy… I am kindly requesting for a scholarship… I offered Biology chemistry n mathematics. Sub ICT…
    I prefer a bachelor\’s degree in pharmacy ..and other medical related courses…
    I remain,
    Yours faithfully,
    Nabunya Hawah

  18. I\’m Michael hailed from montserrado Liberia, I\’m really in need of a scholarship in order to achieved what I want…

  19. Hi am Florence from Ghana I want to be a midwife someday please help me gain this scholarship to get a better career and to help make the world a beautiful one.

  20. am peter and i have a diploma in computer science and information technology .
    i request you to help me with that scholarship so as i complete it to degree level

  21. Hi……My name is Austine Mwangala and i am from Kaoma village which is located in Zambia… Am financially weak and am in need of a Schoolership to study BUSINESS MANAGEMENT

  22. Please i\’m Oti Grant Alexander. I really need a scholarship because am financially weak.This scholarship will aid bolster my academic career.

  23. I think it\’s time for God\’s favour to rest upon the needy in this world,, I\’m therefore praying that in God mercy let Arizona Elk Society short list Leonard Odhiambo due to financial incapability so as to fill the hiatus in his academic dream as a post graduate student in education… Thanks in advance to my well wishers.

  24. Hello I\’m Estella from South Sudan I\’m in imperative need for this scholarship to study pharmacy abroad could I get this Chance please.
    My dad was died and I have brothers… And sisters
    We are weak financially to get the chance to achieve my dream
    Could I get this Chance.
    Thank you.

  25. Hello my name is Emmanuel NDAYAMBAJE Am lincenciated in international economist I interested your University
    If you consider me I can be appreciative
    Thank you

  26. My name is Joyce,I want to continue with my studies but unfortunately I\’m financially cripple that is why l appeal to you for this scholarship.

  27. hey there!
    my name is Getachew Gichlie, i am from Ethiopia!
    i am learn finished graduation in addis ababa university. i want needs learning scholarship to usa.

  28. I am a student from Fourah Bay College presently studying social work, I want to purse my course by getting master\’s degree in it. I don\’t know how best you can help me. Thank you

  29. My Name is CHEKHAB HAMZA.
    I want to study and to have a new experience to develop the economic procees .i need a scholarship to continue that .
    thank u

  30. Hi Barry
    pls how do I access this?
    have been receiving similar mails from you but have not been able to access the offer…
    and it seems the offer was posted since 2018 how relevant is it to me now? Thanks

  31. Hello
    My name is kagiso am in grade 12 in south Africa in gauteng. I\’d like to apply for a Schoolarship in the medicine faculty for 2020

  32. hello,
    my name is lynda from Cameroon please grant me a scholarship to study masters in law.thanks in advance

  33. Please I want a scholarship in ur country please help me and sent the application form or any detail that will make make to know u accept me

  34. Salut Madamme monsieur.
    Je voudrais s\’il vous plaît reclamé la bourse qui m\’a été offerte. Dejà merci de votre considération.

  35. Hello

    Am Samia Seid from Ethiopia. Am interested for this scholarship because i had a dream to study abroad.I will be very grateful if you grant me this scholarship to continue my education in bachelor degree/Health program in a field of midwifery.

    Thank you so much for considering my application.

  36. hi, i am so overwhelmed by this scholarship thing. i would really love to get it so that i can pursue my studies as i love engineering. it will be my pleassure if you consider my interest…thanks in advance

  37. I came from poor of the poorest family and i would like to grab the opportunity if there is. In so called scholarship, I\’m in the 3rd year level of education to become a teacher in a near future.. So help me. Thanks

  38. I am called Nunas Mambu from South Sudan and I am really desperate to study again, I am begging you to give me a scholarship for Barchalors degree in social work or accounting. Thanks you.

  39. I would like a free scholarship in the up coming year 2020 .I would like to study education , in Canada . This is my dream and I am waiting for your positive response .

    With Thanks

  40. Please I will like to get a scholarship to study an (associate degree in public and community health) at the (University Of The People) in the United State of America (USA) I had the admission this year. Thank you.

  41. I want to study and become a doctor so if i get a chance of a scholarship i will use it . i want to help people who die because they don\’t receive treatment in time

  42. My name is Stellah Nansamba and i a also interested to upgrade in my academics but in one way or the other i need a scholarship.

  43. Am Yayah Kamarakeh an Executive Masters In Business administration strategy and leadership student at Synergy University Dubai Campus. Am pursuing this wonderful course of mine ,but with out no sponsor. So its so hard for me to think how to rase money for my tuition fees at the same time studying this is default for me.so i really need this scholarship to go through my professional career program
    I will be forever grateful to who so ever award the scholarship to complete my dream course.

  44. Dear sir/ madam.
    Iam Dorcas NamubiruNamubiru, am here to request for a fashion and design fully funded scholarship, I will be glad if considered.
    Yours faithfully
    Namubiru Dorcas

  45. I request for the Scholarship to study Masters in Science . please may you find my enclosed certificates in the email I am using to post the request to allow me to have a Scholarship.

  46. Hello…. I/m civil servant from Ethiopia I wish to have an opportunity to be given fully scholarship to study doctorate degree in business and finance.For that reason my request bear positive out come in contributing for Ethiopian economy development by conducting research on monetary market in my beloved country ;kindly grant me this wonderful opportunity and i shall be thankful for that potential chance.

  47. Hi i am from Kashmir and i live near the LOC .
    I need scholarship because its my hobby to study
    To get higher education from abroad was my dream
    I got MSc degree in chemistry now for research and M Fill i want to go in such a good university
    If u consider me i will always keep your name in my good prayers

  48. Am comfort mbewe from zambia i would really appreciate you giving me a scholarship as i wish to peruse the frontiers of education. Thank you

  49. Thank you for your care and I’d like to inform you about my qualification and my experience and if there is suitable chance for them.
    I am Reda Ali, I’m 41 years of age ,microbiology M.Sc student in Egypt, I work currently as Chemist and head of division for water and wells management department at Al Arish Cement Company , I am very much willing to pursue my PhD from abroad because I could no longer support my studies financially. I will be glad if you will choose me as one of your scholars. GOD SPEED
    Thank you

  50. Hi, am ndey jallow Gambian by nationality I really need this scholarship to upgrade myself I\’ve been trying for several times nothing, can you guys please come to my rescue.

  51. I really need this scholarship consider me. I hold a honours degree in psychology and wishes to study msc in health and clinical psychology.

  52. Hi how are you ???…
    My name is BIPUL KC
    I am a Hindu
    My father is a poor man ,I passed the SEE examinations I also want to study more but we don\\’t have money … i am from nepal.
    So help me… i really needs this opportunity.

  53. Hello!
    Mohsin Attiq is here,
    I want to know that is there any scholership for the Finearts Students.. ?
    I am a student of NCA Lahore, Pakistan.
    I want to continue my study abroad in as a sculptor.
    If there is a scholership for that kindly consider me!

  54. I am interest can you notifield me through my email… Or conntact me 👉+2205029096/+2207074165

  55. Hello…i need scholarship to continue my studies further I am a bs development communication student university of sindh.

  56. Hi I need a scholarship to further my stadies I stardied ecotourism management and Durban University of technology

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