APIASF/Southern California Edison $2,500 College Education Scholarship

There are kids who are born with brilliant minds and dreams to make a difference someday. We’d like to see them achieve great heights and excited to what they can become. What kind of difference can they bring to the next generations? How they can make life easier? But the reality is some families are unable to financially support these young inventors, scientists or engineers. Getting a bachelor degree or any of the degree programs can be a lengthy struggle for majority of the families. This is a painful truth of those families whose income is not enough to support their kid’s college education. However, we are really fortunate to have companies or organizations that have the same aspirations for our kids who wants to get a bachelor degree.

The Asian & Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund or APIASF together with the Southern California Edison Scholarship has put together a college education scholarship program to aid aspiring senior high school students who wants to pursue degree programs in engineering, science and technology or math. It’s the PIASF/Southern California Edison Scholarship which grants a one-time scholarship amount of $2,500 annually. As long as you reside in Southern California Edison’s service area you can be eligible for the PIASF/Southern California Edison $2,500 College Education Scholarship. Some of the counties covered by this scholarship are Fresno Imperial Inyo, Kern Kings Los Angeles and Madera Mono Orange County. Cities included are California City, Beverly Hills, Palm Springs, Santa Barbara, West Minster and many more.

Southern California Edison is one of the nation’s largest electric utilities. It has been providing reliable electricity servicing across central, coastal and Southern California. In 2017 they invested millions of dollars in education, environment, preparedness and public safety, and civic commitment. Southern California Edison is committed to exposing kids to science, technology, engineering and math also called as the STEM education as early as possible. Their mission is to guide the students’ interests through supporting their college education and beyond. They recognize students who want to be inventors, pioneers and guardians and the PIASF/Southern California Edison $2,500 College Education Scholarship program is just one of their ways of helping out these students make their college education dream become a reality.

Some of the PIASF/ Southern California Edison Scholarship requirements are the student must be a full time student and will be taking up degree programs focusing on STEM in the coming school year. The application will commence by September 4, 2018 and will end by January 10, 2019 at 5:00 PM EST. The scholarship application is done online. You may need to check the APIA scholarship minimum requirements on their website http://www.apiasf.org/scholarship_apiasf_sce.html

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  1. First of all I appreciate your acceptance! I am eager to participate and get the recognition of my scholar program. Please give the information on how I can get full informations on my scholar program.

  2. Hi I\’m Almaz from Ethiopian I\’m high school student now grade 11 can you help me get free scholarships in abroad country please help me because my family is poor I hope help me thank you

  3. My name is Julie Nyabiba from Kenya,am a certified public Accountant and am holder of degree bachelor of business managent specialised in Finance and Banking, i would like to parsue MBA abroud but am not finacially stable, Kindly can you help me with a scholarship so that i can persue my MBA abroud. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

  4. I need to study pshychology but couldnt register in morocco because of one unfair person who doesnt appreciate people who seek knowledge and seek to serve humanity.
    Plz register me for this scholarship.
    Thank you

  5. Hello, am Ruth Waithira from Kenya. Am looking towards reaching the qualifications as required. Would like to know the scholarship program areas. Thankyou

  6. Can I get scholarship please 😓 basically I\’m coming from poor family.I need money,I\’m studying M.com(international business)

  7. I need scholarship for masters program.I did bechlors in BBA(bechlors of business administration) in marketing.

  8. You can never get scholarship, unless you take winterfell back from ramsey Bolton and hand it over to john snow.

  9. Thanks for accepting me… I\’m a Liberian with high potentials but there\’s no necessity means of getting there, hope you would help me overcome it.

  10. I need this scholarship garnts to continue my study abroad for further more up to university. ERITREAN nationality from sudan.I have completed 12 plus one there in Eritrea in 2007.I want to study computer science if you offer me this garnts. Thank s again nice to hear from you soon.

  11. Oh thank god for yet this would moment that am living and i also thank for having let knw and apply for this scholarships , i knw he wil make away for me.

  12. Hey,am Vicky from Uganda, a graduate, honouring a degree in education but i would like to go for further studies in US, but were may i get the Scholarship, thanx

  13. My Name Is Niyibigira Jean Paul. I Am Burundian So I Would Like To Get Scholarship In Electrical Engineering Master Degree ! Please Help Me !

  14. Hi my name is Nkosephayo Mazibuko I need scholarship to study my degree in civil engineering/architecture please help.

  15. Bom dia eu sou a Helena , tenho 19anos pretendo fazer a minha licenciatura em medicina por favor o meu estado financeiro não permite-me estudar preciso da vossa ajuda

  16. Hi my name nishika Ishwar currently in grade 12 at MEREBANK secondary and wish to study actualiral science next year I think that I meet most of the requirements but unfortunately do not have the the funds my dad is unemployed and my mum is only the bread winner please consider me thanks

  17. need this scholarship garnts to continue my study abroad for further more up to university. ETHIOPIOAN nationality from Ethiopia.I have completed MY First Degree.I want to study computer science if you offer me this garnts. Thank s again nice to hear from you soon.

  18. Am Ugandan by country am looking for scholarship for diploma of tourism and I need to fulfill my dreams of studying it you consider me I will be very grateful thanks tell

  19. Sir,
    I am an Indian. I am pursuing 2 nd year B.com.For my further studies can I get scholarship?? Please , I have lot of financial problem for my further studies. Please sir give me a reply for this message .And I am waiting for your reply……..

  20. I would like to do Charted Accountant or MBA . Please consider my message sir with relate to mentioned in above message. I am waiting………

  21. Sir/Ma\’am,

    A blessed day!
    I am Cindy, a Filipino, would like to inquire on scholarships offered for Masters for Foresters within your ideal place or country to take it.
    I would be grateful if given an opportunity.
    Thank you

  22. I am Dominic Mola Ologi from Kenya and I would wish to take my masters and PhD in philosophy . At the moment I have degree in philosophy with second class honors upper division from catholic university of eastern Africa. Kindly consider my request

  23. I am interested in studying pharmacy with a pathology cause . but, I have lost my father after completing my Senior secondary education in 2018 .I got a 1 in mathematics ,physics and biology with merits in English and chemistry because of caming from a poor family I can see my dream crushing down .
    As such I would appreciat any scholarship in the above mentioned study areas as undergraduate student

  24. Hello
    Am kelvin kiptoo from Kenya and wished to nature my athletic talent …I train under broadways
    3000m race

  25. Hi my name is Michael suah a high school graduate form Liberia ,i really need a BSC scholarship in other to make my dream came though.

  26. Hlo .thank u whoever came up with this idea , am so grateful that u gave us the chance to acquire education even when our parents can\’t help us because of so many reasons.
    I wanna create an impact on my life through this and I\’ll be the witness.
    Am sure this is my road to where I want to get.

  27. Hi i\’m Nothando i would like to have this scholarship so that i can further my studies next year. I would like to do HR

  28. اريد مساعدتكم على منحي فرصة للتعليم في تلك الجامعة شكرا

  29. i would like a scholarship to further my education i didnt really do good on my A level results but given a chance i would like to do better

  30. We are grateful for such an opportunity to whoever offering these scholarships .I hope you will grant me for Advanced level scholarship and it will make my dreams fulfilled .

  31. Dear sir/ma\’am ,

    My name is David and I\’m from Africa.
    Please I\’m coming to your foundation to seek for your assistance no matter how small.

    I\’m an orphan from a very poor family in Nigeria. I finished my secondary School education since 2010 but due to lack of funds,I have not been able to succeed in furthering my education beyond secondary School

    Recently, I applied to some schools in the United States. One among them, after considering my difficult circumstances and perseverance and performance despite obstacles, offered me admission to study SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURE starting this 2019 Fall.
    They offered me a scholarship worth of 26,000 dollars to support me!

    But, the estimated cost of attendance is about 52,000 dollars, so I still need about 27,000 dollars!

    The name of the school is WARREN WILSON COLLEGE IN NORTH CAROLINA USA. The name of Direction of Admissions is Brian Liechti and my academic advisor is Anna Jones

    They have asked me to seek for assistance elsewhere to supplement the scholarship they have already offered me.

    Please, I need your help. I have waited for so long for this opportunity to let it waste away. But I can not do this on my own since I have no other source of help.

    That is why I\’m reaching out to you people. Please help me.
    If you need to confirm,you can write directly to the admissions office of WARREN WILSON COLLEGE or ask me to provide proof of the admission and scholarship.

    Any assistance you are willing to give me should be sent directly to the college on my behalf please.

    I will appreciate any information that could assist me to receive the help I seek should you not be in any position to offer me help.

    I look forward to hearing favorably from you soon!



  32. Are there scholarships for those beyond 50 years of age,especially for PHD studies?
    Most scholarships are for the younger. need help.

  33. i am in need of the scholarship and from Liberia. since i graduated from high school in August 27,2016 i have not getting the opportunity to further my study.

  34. I want to study master of leadership and management.

    Please help me with a Scholaship abroad in United States or California..


  35. Am Abdul Rasheed Zakari from Ghana, Degree holder(BA) in Arabic language and Islamic studies libya Chad Branch.. with upper second class. Am also interesting to pursue my higher degree program in one your universities, kindly help me with with scholarship for me to catch my goals..in international relations. Thank you so much

  36. I Kumba I graduated 2015 then I was studying Human resources management, business administration, English language proficiency, information technology and international communication after finishing my secondary school and now am studying cabin crew.. Please I need the scholarship to further my education on Nursing

  37. I am Ifeanyi Francis. I am an undergraduate in Engineering at Enugu
    State University of Science and Technology but I am in need of financial assistance in paying my school fee. can I get any help? I will really appreciate.

  38. Here is my problem I\’m just fishing high school mainly I can do two things for sure leading & creating/invention /any thing but in our country in Ethiopia this things are not exactly their yet… so if u have a solution i am here. Thanks.

  39. My name Mohammed Nor Sh Bashar
    Here is my problem I am just fishing high school is called shablle agriculture secondry school mainly I can do two things for sure leading & creating/invention /any thing but in our country in somalia
    this things are not exactly their yet… so if u have a solution i am here. Thanks.

  40. Hello, its me Mansoor. Am an undergraduate student pursuing a bachelor of pharmacy, I need a scholarship to continue with academics.
    Thank you.

  41. I need a scholarship, I have no one to help me please help me to get to school again and achieve my dreams.

  42. My name is Kiribaki Brian, a sixteen year old, I kindly request to be granted a scholarship in my deepest point of honesty, I have not gone too far in education, because even my class is of shame to my age, please get me a scholarship and I become an astrophysicist.
    Thank you.
    Truly, Kiribaki Brian.

  43. I am sincerely in need of a scholarship in order to reach my fullest potential, wherein I will immensely contribute my quota to my country and the world at large.

  44. I\’m a south Sudanese from Africa,Im interested in getting the scholarship here,please your feedback will be appreciated.

  45. Hellow, Rebecca here fromKenya persuing Journaslism and mass media but due to school fees issue i cant complete my courzs kindly help

  46. please! I\’m Rwandan resident living in Kigali city, is it possible to get this opportunity of studying abroad by getting free scholarship.

    are you helping for student how don\’t living with their parent to get this facilities .
    i\’m graduate student who wish continuing studying to achieve my dreams if i get chance from you i can commence with master\’s degree or CPA , ACCA in accounting or other related field.

  47. Good day I am Zoetawon T. Davis. … A Liberian nationality who is interested in this scholarship program. . But don\’t have the money to be a part. .. so I\’m begging that after my study I will serve to pay back all my expensive. .. please help me

  48. I\’m interested so please can I get a scholarship.? I\’m from Papua New Guinea. Please help me out.

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