APIASF/NBC Universal $2,500 College Education Scholarship

Have you ever wanted to go where the action is inside that television box? Do you want to have a bachelor degree to join the other side of the world of entertainment? Do you know that we have organizations offering scholarships for college education to be on this field? The Asian & Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund or APIASF has partnered with NBC Universal to provide a one-time scholarship grant with the amount of $2,500 for the qualified student annually. A student who will be eligible for the scholarship will have the chance to get any degree programs at an accredited college or university.

NBC Universal is one of the world’s leading media and entertainment companies in the news and information, development, production and marketing of entertainment. For a student applicant to become qualified for the APIASF/NBC Universal $2,500 College Education Scholarship, there are several minimum requirements listed by the APIASF. They specially focus on students from low income families, students who are the first to get a college education in their families, represents the APIA community’s diversity, ethnically and geographically and have a resilient emphasis on leadership and community service. Furthermore, the student applicant should also demonstrate a strong academic achievement. The student applicant should also be of Asian and/or Pacific Islander origin a defined by the US Census, a US citizen or citizens of the Marshal Islands, Micronesia and Palau are also eligible for the scholarship application. An applicant must also have a minimum 2.8 cumulative GPA on a 4.0 scale. You would also be required to prepare one recommendation letter for submission online and apply for FAFSA or Free Application for Federal Student Aid.

Additional requirements by the NBC Universal are that the student will be enrolling as a college junior or senior, must major in the field of Journalism and Communications, must be a full time student in any of the degree programs preferably a bachelor degree by the time when the scholarship is granted.

The APIASF/NBC Universal scholarship application will start on September 4, 2018 and close on January 10, 2019 at 5:00 PM EST. Application is done online and must be completely filled up. By August 2019 the scholarship grant will be funded to the successful applicant of the APIASF/NBC Universal scholarship. You may refer to the APIASF website to know more about the APIASF/NBC Universal scholarship, the application process and requirements needed to get a chance of better college education. http://www.apiasf.org/scholarship_apiasf_nbc_universal.html

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  1. It\’s a great opportunity and very much appreciated by people coming from disadvantaged homes,an experience of what you only dream about,a dream job.a job that will change you and your families life.

  2. Respect sir, iam ammar khan iam studing 4th class my school name is gowtham model high school,in a hyderabad city i want to a schoolarship pre-primary level , i have account also yours faithfully humera

  3. I am an undergraduate in software engineering and i am in need of a scholarship to continue to my bachelors in Database administration

  4. I m have natural science field in high school am currently in grade 12 and will love to get a scholarship ,I will like to study agriculture(livestock husbandry)

  5. I am a caribbean citizen who aspires to study abroad to grow my knowledge. I am currently doing my final year of high school . I wish to study biochemistry as an undergraduate it would be an honor to be awarded this scholarship

  6. I am Jeneba Fofana from Sierra Leone. I am at my final year of high school. I wish to study biochemistry as an undergraduate it\’s will be a great honour to be awarded this schorlarship. I will be greatful for such opportunity and i can\’t wait to get good reply from you. Thanks

  7. Hello,am a Kenyan citizen ;i have a degree in Bachelor of arts in Criminology,Criminal Justice and Public Safety.Would like to pursue my masters to expand my knowledge.Would appreciate if offered the opportunity.Thank you!

  8. I am a pre-undergraduate, curiously waiting 4 next year, excited to study in your university and hoping eagerly that I get your scholarship. It will be considered a great honour 4 me if you would consider my plea. Thank you.

  9. Hi! Am Detrix khayumbi Anjimbi, from Kenya kindly requesting your scholarship in the coming year. Thank you!

  10. Thank you for the information,i am a degree holder of mechanical engineering,i would like to pursue my master degree and i will like to study software engineering,with your help i can set a goal and i will be greatful if my application is given a consideration,thank you

  11. Hello!! am Frank Mussa from Malawi. I have a bachelor\’s degree in Social Science and I wish to obtain a schoolarship and do my masters

  12. I am an undergraduate student with a second class upper division and would be very happy id this scholarship is granted me. Am currently serving as a service personnel. I would want to be assisted.

  13. I\’m a pre-medical student and I can\’t afford education in higher classes coz of financial situation that\’s why I want to get a scholarship and to get a bright future and to work for the welfare of humanity

  14. I am a Zambia obtaining my grade 12 results, things have not been good in my family that\’s why I need this scholarship. Your assistance is highly appreciated.

  15. I\’m Rwandan i have 18 years old i have finished A level i need to study university in civil engineering but my family is poor so i need chance to make my dreams come true thank you i\’m waiting for your good answer.

  16. I have a certificate in community health nursing and Interested in getting a bsc degree in community health nursing if u can help me get a scholarship

  17. I need finance to complete my Crew Cabin course with SMAB holdings in Pretoria, my mother is a single parent with a salary of R7000 monthly and the amount wanted there is R30 045.00 for a year.

    The course is only for a year please help alreay paid R15 000 with the help of my mothers friend which she must pay back every month.

  18. Dear sir/mad
    I am from Ghana.I have graduated high school and please I need a scholarship to help me further my education.
    Thank you

  19. Dear life changer,
    A pleasant day is exented to you. I am Kadina Lewin a graduate of the prestigious Ferncourt high school in Claremont of St.Ann of Jamaica . I was among the graduating class of students of June 2018. My aim from last year and this year is to pursue a bachelor\’s of science degree in medicines but in order for that to happen I would have to be enrolled into a territiary institution.
    To be very honest with you I\’ve tired to get into school here in Jamaica but because of financial issues that hasn\’t been possible. After high school I\’ve tired to be enroll into a university out here but because of financial issues that has not been possible . I am from a single parent background so I am basically a bit fatherless . I never really got any support from my father . He left from I was a little baby so where a fathers love , comfort and support is I have never in my life experienced it . Life changer or my life saver I beg you please to help me because my life hasn\’t been a bed of roses , in fact it has not been easy at all. I must say that inspire of all this , I always attain good grades in school and I always strive for excellence . sometimes I could hardly find the money to go to school but with God he made the way some how. Life changer , how much I want to succeed so badly I always say this that success has no barriers , it leaps fence , jumps hurdles and it take us to a destination full of hope . My mother took me from St.Ann to St.Catherine in Jamaica to work at an wholesale due to such circumstances . Times here in Jamaica are very hard it is even worst if you are from a low geographical background like me . yet inspite of all that I believe that with God at my right hand all my dreams can be made into reality . I also believe that opportunity is like a bald greasy head man and if I don\’t grab at such opportunity then I will never get that chance again. About in the month of October my mother told me that she is done with me she turned her back on me . well I would have to leave from their and a lady by the name of miss Ena took me in she is basically a mother , a father and family to me . I don\’t know if it wasn\’t for her I don\’t know where I would have been. When i was hospitalize in December 2018 she was the only person who visited me . Not one day had passed and she hasn\’t . well I am now staying with her.
    Life changer I don\’t believe in giving up for thats not a option for me . my goal is to make her proud and to show to Jamaica that inspire of your geographical background you can make something of yourself and that means that you should always believe in yourself and all that you are and believe that there is always something within you that is greater than any obstacle. I want to inspire others who are in the same position like me that their is something good along that road just never stop walking even when you feel like giving up keep on believing and work hard because dreams are only dreamt when your asleep but to make your dreams reality you have to smell the coffee . This doesn\’t literally means that you get up and have a cup of coffee it means that your going to work hard and be determine at all times for what you want . you may feel like nothing but keep on telling yourself that out of the nothingness that I am I have enough confidence , courage,self initiative to be something. Life is definitely a journey I just have to have encourage courage to start, have to heart to endure then I will have enough might to achieve . I believe that nothing and I say nothing in life is impossible once you have the right mind set. The sky is the limit . I will continue to dream big and walk the talk until you my life changer where ever you are in this world help me and make such a parthership with me to make this dream of mine into reality . Life saver I beg of you to hear this cry of mine it has been way too long my dream has been stifled and I believe that you can give it move to breath and wings to take flight to its fullest potential.
    Thank you Life changer.

  20. I have graduated from high school and I\’m desperately in need of a scholarship to study for a Bachelors degree in medicine.

  21. Dear Life Changer, I have a Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering and since I\’m from a developing country financial difficulties is a barrier for me to do a masters in Civil Engineering (Project Management). Thus I am in a dire need of a Scholarship to do my masters degree.
    Your considerate help would be deeply appreciated from my heart.

  22. Good afternoon sir / Madam can you please help me with a scholarship, I\’m currently registered for social worker. houners and I\’m short with the fund.

  23. Hi my name is Sami ullah I am from Afghanistan lam graduated from college but I don\’t know how can apply this scholarship please help me please

  24. Sir, Thanks for updates.tha fact is I really desperate to receive a study to study bachelor in leadership management/Business management/Economic abroad. Please help me with this schorlship.

    kind regards,

    Ms. Clotilda Claudia harry
    From Solomon islands(45years old)

  25. I prefer to get higher education in my life and to get comfortable life because my school isn\’t government school so every county doesn\’t allow my school to apply a job. So I really so sad but I love to study and I never give up to learn . Exactly , I need the scholarship who will permit it. I don\’t have money to pay school fee to attend university because my family is simple life and no one has a job to take care of us. I am also disappointed my education for leaving school but I don\’t want to be a uneducated person . If someone supports me to persuade to give scholarship for me , I will be happy and my life will be successful to own my elements.

  26. I would like to request for the scholarship to study Masters in Energy in any recognized university in Tanzania and Abroad Universities for the will of the Board of Scholarship .Thank you very much for considering me among students

  27. I\’LL will appreciate the board decision,once you consider me for the masters program in psychology. I thank you in advance for your decision.



  30. Am an undergraduate student at the University of Cape Coast studying home economics with food and nutrition as my major. Pls I need your sponsor to be able to finish this program

  31. Nice to have this opportunity to continue my study abroad. Eritrean nationality from sudan.I want to study computer science if you offer me this grant. Thanks again nice to hear from you soon .

  32. I am very pleased to have this opportunity to contact you.Please accept me, I am a victim in my fields of study.

  33. Dear Future brightener!
    I\’m from st.Mark\’s college Namagoma in Uganda and am an A level graduate in Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics I am looking forward to getting an undergraduate degree in medicine medicine in Order to change my poor background because all the hopes of my siblings studying are in my hands because I have a single parent who I is economically disadvantaged and my hopes are seemingly becoming low but please my future brightener in such hard situations please leaver a mark of success in my life

    I believe in success and I know at one moment I will be a high achiever
    I will be more than grateful if am a positive consideration!!!

  34. Firstofall i would like to thank you to give me such a chance to say my saying
    Iam from Ethiopia i want to study medicine to achieve my childhood wish to be a good cardiologist because i believe that someone who have a healthy heart is who always have a healthy life Incas heart is the place where our life petrol (blood ) is pump i would like to take care of these majical part .please help me to live my dream .
    Thank You .

  35. Dear Sir/ Madam:
    I am in need of a master Scholarship in Global Health at Karolinska Institutet 0r anywhere in the west and Europe.
    Thanks ,
    Justin Z saye

  36. i need to study masters degree in epidemiology and biostatistics, currently am doing bchelors degree, thank you

  37. I am a undergraduate student in education, (Higher Teacher Certificate) I need scholarship to complete my Bacharach degree. I really need it pls

  38. hello, am kaluma Sarah am in kampala uganda am recently unable to afford my university funds i humble request asylum to get an opportunity to acquire this scholarship to attain good education hence forth i come here seeking help as a girl child wanting to promote her studies and the studies of others .
    thank you for the consideration

  39. I am student in universty of Rwanda ,in year four i will graduate in august 2019,in program of water and environmental engineering.ineed your help for continuing my study.thank yau

  40. W ow!!!!! it better for me to attend in such a kind of institution to get quality education. please make me your choice.

  41. I am Esai fatal from Haiti i am a civil engineering student i will be graduated December 2019 , so I need a scholarship to pursue my study to a master\’s degree.And I guess that can be possible with the scholarship that will be granted to me from you!
    Thanks in advance!

  42. I am a Kenyan citizen who just completed their high school,I am requesting to be considered for the scholarship

  43. I have got first Division in graduation and now a days I am searching for scholarship master in Mathematics

  44. am Nankanja Jocelyn I need a bachelor\’s degree in human resource can I get a scholarship

  45. Iam undergraduate student 1st year of MBBS in overseas (Kryrgyz Russian slavic university ) in Kyrgyzstan of Russia. I\’m searching for scholarships.. may I know about those scholarship??please inform me.

  46. My matric results are still pending therefore I need a scholarship to further my studies next year

  47. I am Bethlehem and am from Ethiopia. I am grade 11 student.If I got an opportunity I want to study in medicine departement. After I complete my education in grade 12 ,to learn university in foreign country .So ,I need your healp to achive my childood wish..to be ENT doctor.thus,you are the only one that can healp me to target my dream. Please?

  48. Am undergraduate studying a degree in arts end social sciences in Uganda how can I access this chance of fees I shall fateful when my request I attended to

  49. Am holder of Bachelor\’s degree in Agricultural Engineering. I wish to continue my studies in Master\’s of my domain wherever it should be possible. Please i owe on your help.

  50. Yes.
    Am Holder of Bachelor\’s degree in Agricultural Engineering. My wish is to continue my studies in Master\’s studies especially in my Domain. No matter the country what i owe on you is to make my dream come true.

  51. Am Patrick, I have 21 years and I have high school in Computer Electronics, I would like to request for the scholarship to study bachelors degree
    Electronics or Electrical engineering in any recognized university.

  52. Hi dear, I start to planning at this time if yuor service taken freely, what i want to say is if its free and reliable. At this time I studied my first degree at Addis Ababa University by Information System. At this time i\’m 3rd year student. I graduated next year. Until next year i will try to finish the important thing to come to europe or other scholars. Thank you.

  53. am an undergraduate of computer science at the university of Malawi,Chancellor College.i have a graet desire to persue database admnstration.
    if awarded a scholarship,i will be very gratefull.

  54. I request for the Scholarship to study Masters in Science. I graduated a Diploma in Education before I went for the a degree course . I graduated aBachelor in Education Science at Mwenge Catholic University .

  55. Hi I request for a scholarship I\’m an undergraduate of sustainable horticulture and landscaping at Durban University of Technology

  56. Thank you for your consideration & information. I am a degree holder of Law, I would like to pursue my master degree and I will like to study LLM(Law Master), with your help I can set a goal and I will be grateful if my application is given consideration, thank you!

  57. I am an undergraduate student studying civil engineering,I like and have passion for this course,but I am financially handicap I will be so much glad,if my request is being granted by offering me a scholarship. Thanks in anticipation

  58. I am Rwandan. I have bachelor degree in early childhood education. So if I get scholarship from you it is paramount important.

  59. Hi am Aishwarya I am an undergraduate student studying bcom I like this course and have a great passion towards this course..but am financially weak and am looking for scholarship if I get this scholarship ship from am really thankful for you

  60. My self Harsha H L I have completed my 2 puc .
    Now I am in a professional course CA I need scholarship for continue the same…

  61. Kindly grant me this opportunity to advance my education,am financially incapacitated to raise fees for the applied course,will appreciate for your support,

  62. Hello
    I am a Ugandan pursuing medicine and surgery.
    Am requesting for a scholarship
    Am having a challenge with paying tuition.

  63. yes, need Scholaship to further study postgraduate degree in leadership and management. abroad in Australia. Griffith University.


  64. I am a graduate student from foundation institutions where I did my foundation course in Nursing. Please I want a scholarship to do my undergraduate degree in nursing. Please help me with a scholarship to continue my career.

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