APIASF/NASA $2,900 One-time Scholarship

In our childhood we were amazed by the sun, the moon and learning about the rest of the planets within our solar system at least at one point in our lives. Some of us have taken our amazement to the next level by dreaming to become an astronaut someday. However, even for well off families, providing a good college education to their kids can be financially problematic. A student must take up a bachelor degree on an engineering course, computer science or similar fields to take one step for the space job. The annual overall expenses for a college education in the field of engineering can vary anywhere from $15,000 to more than $70,000 depends on the school you are attending.

However, the Asian & Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund or APIASF has developed a partnership with NASA to provide scholarship awards to qualified students. The APIASF/NASA Scholarship is awarded to a qualified student yearly who is seeking any of the degree programs in the field of Engineering or Computer Science. The scholarship awardee will be granted with $2,900 One-time amount per year for their college education. The APIASF/NASA Scholarship amount is already something that low or middle income families will appreciate for their child to get that bachelor degree.

However, the applicant should not just decide on any of the degree programs as one of the qualifications needed is that the student must major in the Aerospace Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Biomedical Engineering or Computer Science. In addition, one should have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.8 on a 4.0 scale, will be enrolling as an undergraduate student in an accredited college or university and must apply for federal financial aid using the FAFSA or the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Other requirements are that the student should be a US citizen, a full time student and of Asian and/or Pacific Islander ethnicity.

Applications are easily done via online thru their website and it will start on September 4, 2018 and will end by January 10, 2018 at 5:00 PM EST. Once completely filled out it should be submitted electronically. Applicants will be advised accordingly whereby April 2019 finalists will be notified, then by May 2019 scholars will be notified and finally by August 2019 the scholarship grant will be distributed to the deserving students. For more detailed information about the application requirements, please check the APIASF website. http://www.apiasf.org/scholarship_apiasf_nasa.html

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  1. hello my name is Bubacarr camara, am in a hesitant mood to grab this opportunity if you will offer it to me, am looking forward to thanking you for your help.

  2. I am Godfred Amoako from Ghana. I am ready for it. I have completed diploma in basic education and also a bachelor degree in mathematics

  3. I wish God gives me such a chance and I also find myself with a degree.
    I shall be grateful for such an opportunity.
    Ywongirwe Roden from Uganda.

  4. hello my name is Ahmat Tadjadine Defa, de nationalité Tchadienne. Iam in a hesitant mood to grab this opportunity if you will offer it to me, am looking forward to thanking you for your help.

  5. Hello, my name is Ahmat Tadjadine Defa, a Chadian national. I am hesitant to seize this opportunity if you propose it to me, I look forward to thanking you for your help.

  6. my name is ayanle
    I live in somalia
    I very happy to get in valuable opportunity
    please help me to continue in my education

  7. I am ready for it seriously help me out with fully scholarships without tuition fees ( MASTERS IN ENGINEERING PROGRAM MA SUCH AS BUILDING TECHNOLOGY , ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING AND ANY OTHER ENGINEERING PROGRAM MA.

  8. I am willing to work to my utmost best if I had this opportunity to study abroad and that lies in your hands ..thanks

  9. i am undergradute students and i want to continue my study but i have some finnicial problems so thats why i need a scholarship

  10. I am undergraduate student 2nd year at International University of Africa in Sudan, I want to leave Sudan as soon as possible to continue my education if I can have opportunity, due to the current situation in Sudan is not safe for me.
    Hope to see your reply

  11. Hi my name is Shabhaz khan I/m very interested please you can invite me , give opportunity to study and gat dgree and please share the process

  12. Im currently in grade11 im doing science and I need a scholarship for 2020 Im currently studying at Boitumelong senior secondary school in south Africa ,Gauteng in Tembisa

  13. O helo their you man you know how much i need scholarship an graduate in hydraulic engineering and i needed further knowledge and wisdom . i here weight you and give me the scholarship and ma visa i am Ethiopian

  14. Am Jane graduated with a degree in environmental health science in kenya.once given a chance I to persue MSc in environmental health science I look forward to give back to our communities and empower them for a better tomorrow.

  15. am a postgraduate higher diploma level in psychological counseling, i would really appreciate it if you help me to continue with the bachelors level. thank you.

  16. Thank for all of your response… I have a good news for you guys… All of you are rewarded for the scholarship… Enjoy

  17. Hi ! Am really interested in that scholarship, and it is my dream to study abroad. To complete my degree in Business Administration…

    Thanks you and waiting for your reply.
    Brendan Agon.

  18. Hi there am Mihret from Ethiopia I will get my first degree by computer science I want to study soft ware engineering an very egger for this if u help…

  19. I haven\’t found any sites to apply for your scholarships. If there are any please send me the link via email,and do you have specific countries you are sponsoring?

  20. I am from Kenya, it would love to continue with a bachelor degree in education, but I don\’t have funds to cater for my fees I would appreciate if I get the scholarship.

  21. i am ready for it and i am 1st degree in accounting and finance .now i went to MBA scholarship so please support

  22. I am Taonga Makanda.I am also ready for the scholarship.At the moment I am waiting to go to Midlands State in Zimbabwe in July this year.

  23. Hello Sir, I am Moses Morris from Monrovia, Liberia. I am just a high School graduate and a professional Plumber. Can I be bless with a fully funded scholarship? Contacts: +231 88 069 5467/ +231 77 589 3001.

  24. Hello Sir How are you doing I hope you\’re all fine I\’m very pleased to be selected for the scholarship I was a teacher of English in a public junior schooL But now I\’m an inspector of Education I need a Professional traing in Master Business of Administration(MbA ) Thank you very much .

  25. Hi my name is Khadija bakhchi i \’am very interested for this scholarship and I hope you give it to me ..give me this chance is like a drem for me …thank you

  26. I promise to coup with the flaws and weaknesses of the school am posted to and i am fully ready for it thank you god bless.

  27. I\’ll be grateful if given the opportunity to study bachelor of science in nursing abroad.thanks for your constant updates

  28. am ready, i really need the opportunity to study business admin, am very interested in that.
    However, i haven\’t found any sits to apply for your scholarships, if there any please send me the link via email, and do you have specific countries you are sponsoring, i would appreciate if i get the scholarshipe as sporisoring.
    thank you..

  29. My name is yitayish yigrem am from Ethiopia am 17 year\’s old I am in grade 11,next year I will be grade 12, I need a scholarship that\’s why I apply here, and if u can please help me to got this chance.
    Thank you.

  30. Yes I am ready to take admission on this scholarship in the field of petroleum geology or GIS and remote sensing

  31. Yes I am ready to take admission on this scholarship in the field of petroleum geology or GIS and remote sensing as a Master applicant

  32. All Agwang Joyce working in critical care unit in Uganda. I really need to upgrade did abachelors degree in nursing but no funds at the Moment needs support from Scholarship. Thanks.

  33. Hello am Burundian but refugee in Uganda whereby I finished my secondary but per now I have no ways to pay for myself university please help me so that I can go further with my studies I all appreciate if u do grant it to me

  34. iam ready for the challenge if given me this opportunity to study psychology …a degree in general nursing

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